red clouds during sunset

Armageddon Action

...and the city,
And her sounds sleep
So peacefully
Despite the noises
Inside my head,
The stars they blink
So constantly
On the living ones
And the dead.
And the water
As it rises
Inside the drowning
Chambers of my mind, 
Pays no heed
To safety valves
Stuck tightly to 
Heartstrings plucked
By rising
Scarlet tides.

In all my wild dreams
While Solution's
Cooing calls bent
My back, I failed
To see the end
Riding in on
The coattails
Of some ancient
Military hack.
Perhaps this cancer
Maybe that stroke
Perhaps I would fail
And end up dead
Due to some Hague
Convention joke. 
But I always
Thought I would go
Out quite alone - 
Fashion, not in
The company 
The rest of you 
Due to a madman's

The sun rose brutally
This morning, not 
My feelings.
It came up anyway
And sent the Daylight
Diana's moon,
Quite terrified,
Hid her face
And closed her eyes.
The constant north -
Its star on fire
Was jealous of
A madman's ire. 

And the city 
And her sounds
Wake unrested
Here today,
Because some man
Decided he had
The power to make
All of us

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