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Happy 1st Birthday to “The Paltry Sum” Blog

Happy Birthday to me! I started blogging a year ago today. It took me a while to get my ‘voice’ tuned in, to get used to writing openly, and to being disciplined about writing every day. There has been a lot of good, a little bad, and a lot of work. To start with my blog was a visual disaster. Since then it has come on a long way!

I hope you have enjoyed hanging out with me over the past year, and to see even more of you reading over the next year.

I am always available for paid writing gigs, and as ever if you enjoy my content you can find my patreon at https://www.patreon.com/ThePaltrySum .

You can also find my work at 4W, Street Sheet and Invisible People. I hope to be working with Filia over the next year on their Hague Convention on Domestic Violence project and will be speaking at their conference about the way the Hague is used to torture abused women.


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