black vintage typewriter

Real People

Paper moons and
Calico flowers
Steel skies and
Destruction flowers.
Cotton clouds and
Bakelite birds
Clockwork fishes and
Mechanical herds.
Neon moonlight and
Origami trees.
I am unreal and
You are all imaginary. 

Coffin sleepers and
Sidewalk creepers
Mama's on the run 'cause
Papa beat her.
Uncle Joe's not worked
Since Vietnam,
Frannie got popped
For half a Xan.
And nobody's eating
And everyone is grieving
And the light's are out but
There will be no sleeping.
Old Tom gave me half of 
His last pack of socks.
Everyone is running and
No one can stop.
Even the Doc is in bed
With Uncle Sam
Who gave out oxys
Then pulled back his hand.
What they give one day
They take the other
Everyone out here is an orphan
Crying for mother. 

Paper tigers and
Wax figurines,
A bloodied pulsing
Heart in darkness
Beating reality.
Suitcase drums and
Burning strats
"Heart Attack and Vine"
Playing on subwoofer stacks.
The day melts slowly
Dripping down the bottle.
The bottle sits waiting
For the mind to get hostile. 

What they give one 
With one hand
They take with the other:
Everyone out here 
Is an real person. 
Everyone had a mother. 


  1. Time Traveler of Life

    What is so sad is that there are more people living like that than have a nice house and live well. It is a sin to live in one of the richest countries and be so down-trodden. Where the hell is this all lovin’, all knowin’, all forgivin’, all givin’ God???

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