Ruthie Says….Promote your Patreon

Some blame it on the night…others blame it on the boogie…Im gonna blame it on the Ruthie. “You must promote your Patreon”, she says, and Ruthie is generally right about such things…

Here is my Patreon. I really appreciate the support. is a nice photo of some flowers wot I took….makes me feel better about it…

(Ruthie for those who you who do not know is my long suffering best friend and sister-of-the-heart…)


  1. Ruth

    But seriously – to all of my fellow-readers: Detroit is a genuinely good writer (we all know that). She offers heart and soul and talent. I hope some of you, maybe lots of you, will be able to support both her writing, and her, through her Patreon. It will make a difference. x

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