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Hollywood Revolver

This ain't no Hollywood revolver
This ain't no New York fashion chain
This ain't no free five dollar gamble
This ain't no ordinary pain.

This ain't no Halloween splatter show
This ain't no passion play
This time cannot be undone
And this girl won't go out that way

There ain't  no space in this world
Big enough for you and me.
There ain't no comfort we can seek
There ain't no escaping what has to be.

This is the real deal
This is that coca cola jive
This is the deep dark delving into 
A buzz cut one-mind factory hive. 

This is that gat that got get
This is that boom boom room
This is that forever after
That lies beyond the tomb.

This ain't no Hollywood revolver
This ain't no old time revenge tragedy
This ain't no stunt rope dangling
This is not some fake plastic tree. 

He said "Baby, everyone has to pick
Themselves up off the ground sometime.
Everyone takes their risks
Some of us do the time
Everyone needs to learn to dry their tears
Everyone gotta live with some pain
You got to get yourself together
Or else hurry up and 
Go lay under that train."


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