an old payphone

He Ain’t Heavy….He’s My…

"I'll meet you at 6 on 
Fourth and Grove,
I'll be at that payphone,
The one that you know.
Be sure to have all of the 
I'll know if you cheat me.
And this time 
I won't find it so very
I tried to tell him
With my eyes
That I wasn't 
Going to make it
Without being
A 6 shot habit.
Let the dog 
See the rabbit.
He pulled out 
A bun and
Two packets. 
Barely enough
To keep me well
Long enough
To be able
To live in 
His hell. 

He is a little caesar -
All things go to him:
A tax on living.
Payment for being
A breather. 
In his beat up Challenger
With a bull whip
Curled around his shoulder
His black leather duster
And his tattooed
Ability to muster

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