stainless steel cover of drain in modern shower

Drains and Open Windows

Just one of those days. The shower drain clogged. It didn’t drain right when we first moved in and just got worse and worse. The landlord reckoned it was not his responsibility to clear it. There was a hard clog of hair 20 foot down the drain. Hair of previous tenants for years and years back. It was totally clogging my shower. I just had to pay $298 for a plumber to come and fix it. Which was all the money I had saved up from applying for grants. I am devastated. But we had no shower.

It needed rooting by a plumber. It is an old bath with a plug hole and a metal sieve that is fixed in place and needs special tools to remove. It is not something you can pull out by yourself. It was not fixable by me. I tried drano. I tried everything. We had no ability to shower.

So I paid it. Shower now works.

I can’t seem to get ahead.

Add this new variant to the mix, which looks like it is going to shut everything down again, and a devastating anniversary and I am in pieces. I can’t take any more of this covid stuff. I accept life being changed, though to be frank I feel like the governmental world response has been overwhelmingly panicked, counterproductive, an assault on freedom and bodily autonomy and an excuse to assert control over the masses. I accept that it is just me and the Boy, and he is growing up and will leave me soon enough. I accept I am by myself. I accept I probably will lose everything and this situation I am in is not fixable. I accept this apartment is a vacation from homelessness not a solution. I accept it all.

Doesn’t mean that I like it.


  1. Time Traveler of Life

    I am with you, and it is a shame we can’t make the world better, but it is what it is. I am thinking about you and Chris all the time. Hearing about my plight won’t make you feel better. I hope (I don’t pray) that we both will come out of this mess okay. Sending strong thoughts of success with your book and your other endeavors.

  2. Time Traveler of Life

    I don;t know if I told you that our grown son will be living with us, so we have to buy one of these OPT (Over Priced turkeys) in Phoenix. I know that when the bottom drops out of the housing market we will own a house that is worth about half what we owe. But it will me ours! I have hardworking realtor that is doing a good job for us. We are blessed to be healthy and able to do this. We are okay! Now we just have to see you be okay too!

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Oh dear! Is it possible to perhaps rent for one year and let the market collapse? I guess you have thought it through and it is the best way. Sorry, I just don’t like to see you worrying. Is Phoenix nice? I wish I could visit! I am so glad you are ok, but wish you didn’t have this stress. xx

  3. Time Traveler of Life

    We have to stay in Phx, hubby’s job is remote and he can’t leave the immediate Phx area. Yes it is stressful, but we are fortunate that we all have a good relationship and love each other. It is possible the market will not collapse. It has every 15 years or so, but it is not written in stone. Don’t worry! Phoenix is a big city but we are very familiar with it and have been her for about 15 or 20 years. We have an exit plan if it does collapse. Actually we have 2 or three scenarios to consider. We will be okay, I promise.

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