The Paltry Sum Patreon

I had to fold and do something. Since I got let down by the publisher I was working with, I am going to have to find another way to make enough money to stay in this apartment when my subsidy runs out.

Most of the content on my blog will remain free, but I will be providing exclusive content and merch for subscribers, and a twice weekly pod cast. If there is enough interest I will do a twitch live stream. The Haymaker Zine will be up for sale on my wordpress site, as soon as I have worked out a few production issues.

I have just set up the patreon, so I haven’t worked out tiers, or the details of it just yet, but am designing some cool Paltry Sum themed shirts.

I am not very good at this stuff: I write. I fail. I struggle. I don’t really ‘do’ this very well, and am suffering excruciating self doubt and uber self-consciousness! Any and all pats on the head and ‘there there, it will all be ok’ will be much appreciated!


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