down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky

Big Thief: Time Escaping

A new track from my favorite indie folk rockers, Big Thief. A low fi noise offering, with an overly clean and tinny production, and a vocal vaguely reminiscent of Kate Bush. The ’90s shoe gazer vibe, as much as I love Mazzy Star and their ilk, really doesn’t do it for me. It is empty, missing something, feels lost. In fact it is a barely disguised rewrite of Big Sky by Kate Bush – not close enough to worry about, but more than an airy feel of similarity. Even the theme is of the lyrics is similar. “Poison in the ether” in Big Thief’s track…or ‘looking out for the big sky’ in Bush’s offering, it is all much of a muchness.

What can I say…BLAH. It is an unsatisfying track from what looks like is gonna be a weak album, from my favorite band of the 2020s.

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