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Female Lead Singer of Covers Band “Brass Against” Urinates On A Willing Male Fan’s Face.

Ok, so in the ‘pages’ of this blog I might have been recently bemoaning the fact that punk is dead, rock and roll is dead and the curvy lady has definitely sung, while Elvis left the building. I am not totally walking back on those statements, though in the death throes of rebellion, there might be a last hurrah or two to be found. I didn’t think I would find it in cover band Brass Against.

Do NOT click on the following link if offended by golden showers, general grossness, or public urination. If you like bare assed covers of Rage Against the Machine, punk trashiness, and general simping hard, and are jonesing for the glory days of Iggy Pop and Detroit scum, then you might enjoy the following link.

From the Dead Boys to Iggy Pop, Lou Reed shooting up on stage…. from the gobbing in appreciation of the punk fans of everyone from The Clash to The Sex Pistols, rock and roll, and punk are no strangers to bodily fluids. It has just been a while since anyone male or female had the sheer balls to piss on society, piss on their fans, piss on propriety and put a glorious finger up to the pearl (necklace) clutchers.

Ok…so if this was some dude peeing on a female fan, the power dynamic would be totally different, and no, I probably would not be so cool with it, though am totally down with the power dynamic here. Huzzah! Good for Sophia! Impressive flow in at least one way. She was not joking. She REALLY had to go, and her willing submissive victim doesn’t seem unhappy about it at all.

The band wrote on twitter that it won’t be happening again, and they didn’t know she was going to give a fan a golden shower. I am a little disappointed. Apparently she got ‘carried away’ to quote the band. I would much rather they own it, but that’s just me. They just got themselves a nice bit of publicity too….

I feel kinda giddy. Punk lives.


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