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Busload Of Faith: Lou Reed’s Creed

Lou Reed’s sardonic, sarcastic, ‘you can depend on the worst always happening’ paen to the world being hostile and perverse is the only hymn I want to listen to right now. A glass-half-full exposition of all that is to be expected in this butter-side-down world of pain, where they only thing that can be relied on is everything being shit. “You can’t depend on a beginning. You can’t depend on an end” sings Lou, declaring that you can’t even depend on God, before telling us, in an equal act of perversion, that you conversely need ‘a busload of faith to get by’. Faith in what? Things always going wrong? People always being corrupt? People’s cruelty?

Lou takes on the Churches that deal in earthly real estate, the prolifers that attack the woman that of course has no problem conceiving if she is raped: Lou takes on God, the Wise Men who are all fools. Lou takes on our good faith, or desire to think the best. Our benign decision not to look at how messed up and wrong the world is somehow seems utterly bereft of intellectual rigor and realism under Lou’s sharp lens.

I don’t have a busload of faith in anything….except everything going wrong and being dangerous. It is how I stay alive. It is how I cope. I have no faith in the goodness of humankind, nor governments, or society. I don’t believe in politics. I don’t kiss any politician’s butt. I don’t suck up for any social pats on the head. I go my own way. I did always say I wanted to be Lou Reed.

…Just a short note from the Paltry Vacation….Sending a busload of faith and reality to you from the Grand Central Station of Lost Dreams and Forgotten Things.


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