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Giri / Haji

Honor and Shame. Mistranslated as honor and duty. The vacation evening watching is a nice little Japanese slow burner of a series about a good cop with a bad yakuza brother whom he has to find…or else….Not my choice. It is all katana and tanto being used for murders not ritual suicides. The acting is alright, even if the series moves at the pace of molasses.

The Boy made supper for us both, a nice little vegetarian gluten free lasagna. The kid can cook! He also washed up afterwards and made me tea.

Honor and shame. Giri and haji. Yin and yang. Polar opposites. I am not much one for honor, I would rather survive than be honorable. I am a bad woman. I’ve never been into shame. It is an addictive little kick that was never my style. sekima – duty – now that is more my style. I have always been dutiful when my duty was owed or earnt. I am fast to drop any sekima as soon as I am stabbed in the back. Now revenge, fukushu, that is something that whilst best served cold, I might have occasionally served up piping hot and mouthburningly dangerous. Not in any nasty physical retribution way, more a definitive cutting of ties that bind.

Lesson learnt. I am going to be one lonely bitch from here on out, but that’s ok.

Giri/Haji….if you like slow burning crime dramas, it is well worth a watch…


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