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A Paltry Vacation

I am having a few days basically ‘off’ to reassess and relax and work out what from here, as well as work on the ‘zine. We had a lovely day at baseball, hung out at GG Park, and generally had a wonderful time together. No one is ever going to get away with suggesting the Boy and I are better off apart, that he is suffering, or that I am an insufficient mother. Seriously. Anyone who suggests that shit is OUT of my life, and never to return. I don’t care if they are high, drunk or just mean and cruel. I have no fucks left to give about excuses or stress. I don’t care if apologies are forthcoming.

Yes, we are both traumatized, but we both function perfectly well, are both stable and loving and a decent little family unit. I am proud of what I have done as his mother. I am proud of him.

To be frank, I do not care much for anything except staying with my son, making enough money to do so, and staying in this house. Any motherfucker that threatens or mocks, or hurts us, I don’t care if they are the Queen of fucking Sheba, or a Roman Emperor, is so far removed from us both, there will never be a way back.

So here I am, just off to watch a movie on the sofa with the child I fought so hard for, and have protected so absolutely. We might eat a little popcorn, and talk over the actors. I thought ‘Band of Thieves’ – a little safe cracking action movie, might be fun. We will see. I expect they will just ‘blow the bloody doors off’, considering that is just about how my last week or so has gone.

Happy Thursday…



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