The Paltry Sum Has A New Look: Blogging Hints and Tips 1

What do you think? Like the new Paltry Bird logo? I figured it was time to leave the feather and go for the entire avian unit. Not saying this writer is much of an artist, but I kinda like the Zero Zebra Bird!

It is so important that blogs are visually appealing, that they are inviting and warm and fun and don’t look boring and staid. When I first started blogging I really struggled with the new Gutenberg editor, but found in time it really works very well once you get the hang of it.

Some themes are easier to work with than others! The trick is to play around with them, but remember that generally changing theme means wrecking the formatting of your site, which leads to much stress, upset and general extra work. Let me know what themes work for you. I use the Gema theme, after much experimentation, I find it is the one that works best to showcase my work and is visually appealing and not hard to navigate.

Make your blog stand out, look good and enticing! After all the journey of sharing your work is half the battle to making a career out of your creative output!

What do you think?


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