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Setting Up A ‘Zine: Request For Submissions

Anyone out there who would like to set up a music and culture ‘zine and try and make some money out of this writing gig? No flakes. No poseurs. No privileged motherfuckers. Artists, graphic designers, tech types who are good at building websites. I want it brash, loud, out there, uncompromising and relevant. No boomer energy.

I was thinking of calling it Haymaker. Nice little pop art logo with a haybale and a cute cartoon grim reaper! I can see it now! The new ‘Creem’!

Show me what ya got and what ya can do!

Let’s make some hay while the sun shines too brightly due to global warming. If the human race is going out, we might as well have some fun!


    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      You are so lucky! I am going to have to have a few days off I think, try and get my head together and work out what’s next. Obviously the book is still there, I will just finish it alone and find a better option for that in time. Im going for a walk! Sending you much love x

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