Lilith’s Complaint

I am sorry!
Did you mistake me for
A Daughter of Eve?
Did you presume I came
From your rib, Adam,
When I was made even before your
Soil was created?
Made before the war between us
Was fated to set the snake
Between an Adam and an Eve?
The stuff of the Universe
Was the cradle of my birth,
But then, the Big Guy
Decided to pass me on
To you, you see. 

Did you guess I was made
To lay below you?
A cow?
Deceived, and yet not
Fit for the deceiving?
I apologize...sssssss......
Were you expecting to
Take the sweetest piece
Of meat from the table 
Before I even took a bite?
Were you looking
With your dirty sight
In lust and dominion
Towards me?
Were you waiting for me to sit
A Goddess at your feet?
Under your weight?
A quiet soul to teach?
Did you presume 
I didn't even have 
Wings you must seek
To clip
To have a hope of controlling
And that goblet from
Which you sip
Was made for your 
Lips only,
When my mouth desired
The same wine
The same grain?
Adam's sorrow.
Man's shame.

How disconcerting for you
When you realized I did not
Only step upon the sand, but
That the grains of time
Ran through my hands!
Honey, I could teach you
A thing
Or two
About how
And where
And what
And who.
Here, take a bite!
You who follows
Instead of leading 
The way.
You who kneels
To the Master
To pray!

I hate to disappoint
But I fear you will
Self anoint
And claim for yourself
What is mine.
Have a sign.
Hang it from the tree
It says
Baby, there never was
A chance of a
A Me.'

So! Oh!
I must insist you
Take your filthy
Muddy mitts
Off my sisters:
Even the dull Eve
And her obedient
Created lack of
Even the little ones
Made from the same 
Stuff as you
If not the same
As me...
And keep them to 
Soiled and earth bound
Just a big sound..
Just a cog in the plan.
Not fit to to sit!
Nor even touch me. 

And Adam, seeing 
She was strong
Turned his back and tried 
To flee back home,
But the gates to the Garden
Were gone!

And the mud raised up in the shape of man, turned back to dust, and Lilith ran 
.....and ran and ran..


  1. slpmartin

    Absolutely love this reading and verse….once again brilliantly read. Have you ever used the Audacity free software for editing recordings…it’s what I use and find it quite helpful…took me awhile to figure it out…but you’d surly get faster than I did…Cheers!

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Oh! That makes me happy! So glad you enjoyed it! I have used editing software before to edit music. I will go and check it out. Thank you for the recommendation! I am not very technically intuitive, slpMartin, it’s really not my strong point, but I will give it a try. Your readings are always very clean and professional. Have a good evening.

      1. slpmartin

        If you have trouble learning it like I did…there are lots of online tutorials on how to use it…best of luck with it. Have a wonderful evening.

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