A Riddle

When you are wet he 
Sends more water.
When you are hot, 
He unshields the sun.
When you are sad he sends
Bolts of lightning...
When you need a spark
There are sure to be none. 
Who am I?

When you are cold
The snow keeps falling,
When you are blown away
The bombs rain down.
When you are sleeping
He sends a fire truck
Screaming through
Your part of town. 
Who am I?

When you are scared of frogs
He sends a plague of 'em
Jumping in your sheets.
The stuff you quench your thirst with
Knocks you right off your feet. 
And when your belly grumbles
It's hungry only poison 
Is to be found, and
When you really need to fly
Your feet are stuck
Onto the ground!
Who am I!

When sacred fires turn troubled
And little Priestesses frown
And the universe threatens her
Secrets are to be spread about the town.
When spells are made, not broken,
And ancient footsteps tread
Upon the wings of Angels
Who speak to her in her head;
And all she loves is holy
But the holy One has no name,
And all she asks for is Redemption
But Redemption is but a game!
Who am I!

So softly bowers are broken
And gently cradles are formed
By the hands that are all open
In Civilization's dusty halls.
The Angel that fell first from Heaven
Preens his golden mane
Yet falling is a weapon
That can be used to fight his
Original Shame!
Who am I!

Guns belong in holsters ;
They do not joke in here.
The knives are all but
And the Blood
Is but a smear
And the souls they are all
Dreaming, but
They are sickened -
They are lame.
And the doors they 
Left are open
And the Man
He has no name.

Who am I!


  1. Ariana

    Well, I am hanging in there. The past several weeks have been hard. My mother-in-law died last month… I have pulled into my turtle shell so that I could focus on my children and my honey because this has been a very hard time for them. How are you doing?

      1. Ariana

        I am so sorry to hear that you have been going through hard things too…hang in there! Sending a virtual hug your way….

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