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Here Comes The Noise

Here comes the noise again. 
A small incursion into my peaceful ways.
A tiny incision into my calm and quiet
That bleeds out my sanity
Into a bowl of reasons to riot.
Here comes the noise again:
It starts up like an engine
It settles into the days.
It has it's own rules and ways.
Here comes the noise!
I cannot drown it out with 
The Who - 
I cannot drown it out with
Memories of me and you.
I cannot drown it
In whiskey: it swims just fine;
I can't drown it out with 
Pharmakeia: it flies on down the line
As well as it floats. 
I can't push it under 
The surface of a thoughtscape
That's wasted.
None of it will do. 
I am just learning 
How to live as Me 
Without You.

It is not as if I have 
Not had to cope alone:
Even when we were together
You were blasted and stoned.
It is not as if I am missing
My sounding board:
You rarely listened anymore
You just chattered and roared
All over me in your noisy defeat,
Of yourself and your mind
And your soul it got beat.
That which is beaten
Sometimes turns to gold
But yours just crumpled
And bent and folded
In on itself in a sad retreat
Where origami cranes
Balanced on your
Chemical toilet seat.
Yours just exited on the
Freeway where nothing
Costs nothing, and nothing
Is everything, and nothing
Is what you left me
And nothing is what remains
It all goes down the gullet
And into the drain,
It all disappears into 
The mystery of the synapses
Fed there through the vein.
It is all nothing
Using nothing
As an excuse

But now you are gone and
Nothing remains.
Now you are gone and
Nothing it reigns
Over all my days and these
Jealous ways
That guard the door
That draw up the bridge
If not the

Here comes the noise!

It buzzes my solitude

Here comes the noise!
Dropping bombs on my
Silent attempts at
Quenching my thirst
With water not wine
With the passing of time
That removes you from
My memory, banks
on easing solitude with
Pain, holds onto the 
That I remain angry
At what you called

Here comes the Noise.
It won't let me rest.
It draws pictures of you
In my head. 
Here comes the Noise
It brings me news
Of this new thing,
Of this and that
Which I do not choose:
Racoon dogs, leopard skin hats
Beads and teeth
Promises and facts. 
Tells me what's up
And what is down again
Grinds gears outside my window
As I pull down the pane,
And the planes they fly
Overhead as I try to ignore
Or embrace the sound
Of destruction - 
The gears of war.
Except I have no appetite
For any reconstruction
Of that which is gone.
I hunger for peace
And I get none.

Have a good one
M' man m'man
Have a good one
take care
...playing tennis
....cutting m' hair...
Fixing a bike... no don't worry's light....
I can carry...
who are they for...
Yeah man, just knock on the door...
Any time will do...
you know i always like to
The Noise chatters on inanely
Just down below
Shouted from doorsteps
Built into the come and go

The Noise.

Here comes the Noise....

There it goes...

Crashing and burning
Savage garden yearning
Singing a song that
Nobody can place
In a City
In a town
Where all the love
Goes to waste. 


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