Locked out….Disasterous day almost fixed..Im back…

My computer died. I got locked out of my wordpress. Had a minor nervous breakdown. Got back into my wordpress..

Am locked out of my email, so anything sent via feedback won’t get to me I think…but trying to fix it.

Fucking hell.


    1. The Paltry Sum

      My dear friend…I thought I was going to have a damn breakdown! Computer totally screwed, absolutely dead. Went to try and get new battery for it, turns out it is elderly and unfixable – they couldn’t even order in a part. Plus damn pandemic…just …no…Used the Boy’s laptop…but everything – all my passwords are on my non functional dead laptop. Got locked out of here. Visions of my blog and all my writing being gone! I couldn’t even get in to my email to use the updraft. I might have cried and had a bit of a breakdown..Too much! I need hugs! I think I need a nice girlfriend, my dear friend. Someone to have a cuddle with and bitch about computers!

    1. The Paltry Sum

      Hello Greg! Nice to meet you! I was just looking at your blog. I think kinako needs more love. I think we can count it as a condiment? I just got back into my blog, saved twitter….the rest is a bust! I absolutely relied on that laptop! My life, all my photos, everything! Heck even youtube playlists. So sorry you experienced technological meltdown too…The idea of being locked out of my own blog….not good! Do you speak Japanese?

      1. Greg Taniguchi

        Good to make your acquaintance too Paltry. Haha, hey, I also love kinako, and I ONLY eat fresh mochi with it, and I cannot do shoyu, brown sugar, or ozoni. Except when it comes to being used as a condiment, I think most Americans just wouldn’t know what to do with it even though it would fit their gluten free, paleo, no msg, and every other buzzword lifestyle that has them feeling more enlightened compared to the world. Yea, it’s been a month since my HD went to the shitter, but I try not to think of it since I have anxiety (the worst part is not knowing every eff’n password). Also as for if I speak nihongo, as kids we got a choice of Japanese language school on Saturday or swim lessons on Sunday. Well, I’ve got a killer side stroke, back stroke, freestyle, etc (our neighbor is a Olympian in swimming? We had his coach). Japanese wise, I wish our parents forced us, but my dad was interned during the war which is why he also can’t speak, only my mom. Well, it’s cool that you know about the Japanese community in the city, and you know about kinako, haha… actually I should be asking if you are nihonjin or nikkei? Or somebody just interested/knowledgable about the culture? Btw, you’re a great writer, i wish I could flow the way you do.

      2. The Paltry Sum

        I am European, my ex husband is Japanese, and I have a halfu kid. I lived in Tokyo for 15 years. My nohongo is a go go, but not fluent. My kid can speak pretty well, read and write. He isn’t totally bilingual, but recently read the kanji on the new noren curtains like a champ!
        I have lived in San Francisco for the last year. I love Japantown. It is our happy place. The Boy get to feel at home, and not stand out, and we can relax there.
        As a celiac – someone who actually has an autoimmune disease which is triggered by gluten and gets very sick, and now vegan, I am often accused of hipness. Eating gluten sets of celiac rash, stomach damage causing cancer etc for celiacs. Not fun….As for the veganism…I guess I got beaten up so badly I don’t have the stomach for hurting anything. Not even yummy tako.
        I hear you on the password horror. Im locked out from most of my life right now. When I thought I had lost my blog I might have got a little upset….Kuromitsu is not brown sugar! Well it is…but…Greg!
        My kid loves cooking. I will try load up the nasu he made for me yesterday in shoga dare. It was actually beautiful. I don’t cook anymore…he does it all.
        Sorry to hear about the internment. We visited Tule Lake. Made me and the Boy cry. Didn’t see ’em locking up Germans! Racist bastards.
        How are you doing with the anti asian hate thing? The Boy has had some issues. We got chased and a guy tried to hit my son, calling him ‘chinese’ (oh if they only understood the actually Japan and China aren’t the best of friends…) and trying to beat him with a shoe and push me into the road. It is not ‘mental illness’ it is hate. We had about three incidents. Just awful. He was really scared for a while.
        Thank you for the compliments, I am still not very good at accepting them. I have a piece being published in Street Sheet on Monday! Working on setting up a new culture magazine with my wonderful editor, Helena Cavendish de Moura of Casa Forte, and my book should be out either end of this year or early next year. Writing is my life. By the way, gorgeous looking tamago “lava egg” on that ramen, dude! I was thinking about writing a piece on the noodles I have loved and known before my body turned on me. …people call me ‘Detroit’ – since my ex tried to kill me and hurt the kiddo, I had to stay under the radar, so took a new name.
        Have a wonderful day!

      3. Greg Taniguchi

        Ok, I just read one of your other posts regarding chawanmushi, and now I’m hungry. Not sure if it’s for chawanmushi or a burger tho, haha. Well, from what I get, you are nihonjin…. not too sure because you can out write most college/degree’d Americans. Also in another direction, I like Winnie the Pooh, and my Korean friends name is Min, and I nicknamed her amongst a million nicknames, “Minnie da Pooh.” Lastly, if I could write like you, I wonder what I would write about… that’s an exciting thought because you have some ability.

      4. The Paltry Sum

        Hello! Oh, don’t do the burger! Gotta go for that chawanmushi thing! I am not nihonjin…I lived out there for a long time and married one. My kid is half.
        I do not believe in writing courses – either a writer has to live life or else be comdemmed to mediocrity. I don’t want to be mediocre. I want to be Hunter S Thompson.
        Minnie the Pooh is an excellent nickname. Lucky girl. I get called detroit..because…”the last time I saw Richard was Detroit in ’68 and he told me, all romantics meet the same fate some day, cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark cafe…” (joni Mitchell)…
        I am interested in the fall of modern society, in social justice, inequality, the psychology of hatred, ethnopharmacology and how any of us stay sane and sober in a world that keeps trying to kill us. I decided I wanted a life. My editor and I are just in the process of setting up “The Line”, a new culture and review magazine. It might be the most exciting thing to have ever happened to me. If you read “Marriage is Murder” – I have it stickied, you will get to know my background better. The fast version is, went out to Japan, taught English, married a Japanese American guy. He became a monster and beat me up badly over years. Couldn’t get my kids out because…that is illegal under the Hague. ..and stuff happened which eventually led to me being here with the Boy. It is absolutely imperitive that I stay ‘under the mochi’, anonymous, in order to survive.

      5. Greg Taniguchi

        This kills me, my Japanese buddy lives in Japantown. He has been in the city for like 40 years, but I doubt he would do anything to help… I am asked about restaurants, and he didn’t even bother to help

      6. The Paltry Sum

        If I see him, I always give him my change. He looked so broken. Disgusted that the restaurants didn’t even give food to homeless folks. Not even stuff left over? Lots of shelters take left over food from restaurants. When he and the kid were in the shelter, we were given food restaurants had donated.

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