Off To The Races

I got banged around the head a bit too hard think. Prob going to get dressed and go to the ER if I can make myself go. I really don’t want to damn delta. I guess this smack round the head wont kill me. Probably better to just stay home and wait it out, see if I feel better later on. I feel like shit.

Someone can only be pushed too far.

This is my safe place. My home. And I got knocked out in my own home by a man who didn’t even care to apologize for slamming the door angrily onto my head. I know I don’t feel right. I have this sense of doom.

I really don’t feel great.


  1. Time Traveler of Life

    Be on the safe side. If you can even get into the ER it might be worth the risk to be sure you are okay. I might suggest one of the Urgent cares, they might not be a full and will let you make an appointment so you do not wait for hours to be seen at all. The tri-arge at the ER’s don’t mean diddly shit, you will wait till hell freezes over.

    1. The Paltry Sum

      I think the risk of delta is worse to me than the bang on the head. Im hurting, but less dazed today, just more sore. It is going to be infested in the ER. I would absolutely be there if I thought I could get away with it. If I was going to kick the bucket, I would already have done so, I think. Im not puking anymore, pupils are equal. Just concussed. Sending huge hugs. xx sorry, just heard an old friend passed. Not fab week.

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