Seeds and Stems: Or The Time David Crosby Judged my Joint Rolling Skills To Be Adequate!

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that if you want to hang with me, then you hang with CSN and sometime Young. Deja Vu is on heavy rotation and has been for years. I want to do a more in depth piece on the hippy 1970 classic at some point soon, but I consider it to be in the top ten albums of all time. So for the great Cros, the catalyst for the magic that got me down many a highway, to judge my joint as acceptable just about made my day.

…Not so much the dick who wanted to piss on my parade and tell grandma how to suck eggs, in the form of telling me that Burroughs was a junkie, and then sneer at heroin addicts. Not cool, dude, not cool.

Take it away Old Bull Lee, you tell the heathen bastards!

“Unquestionably, this drug is is very useful to the artist, activating trains of association that would otherwise be inaccessible, and I owe many of the scenes in Naked Lunch directly to the use of cannabis” (William Burroughs)

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