Keith Richards Wishes Jerry Lee Lewis A Problematic Happy Honky Tonk Birthday

Jeery Lee Lewis played a mean honky tonk piano, yes. Iconic. Wild man. Pedophile. He married his 13 year old first cousin, tried to lie that she was in fact 15, and pissed his career away indulging his perverted desires. His two other wives died in mysterious circumstances – one drowned in a swimming pool, the other of a methadone overdose. Women did not do well around the rock n roll wild man.

On the other hand, I have never heard any woman say a word against the lovely Keith Richards. Quite why he thought that wishing Jerry Lee Lewis happy birthday, and celebrating a man with such a toxic and abusive past, I have no idea.

….all that said, Keith really can play the piano, that is some fabulous honky tonk, minus the cruelty and abuse! I’d rather listen to Keith than Jerry any day, even on the keys instead of guitar.

That is not to say a bad person can’t make good art. But really, Jerry was a novelty act. A white chuck berry wanna be minus the strings. He was never all that anyway. This was such an affectionate and sweet dedication to another human being…except Jerry was not much of a human being.

Men need to pull other men on their toxic behavior, instead of allowing, celebrating, and ignoring their crimes against women. Keith included, however cute, sweet, adorable and talented Keith might be, by celebrating Jerry Lee, he is tacitly condoning Lewis’s abuses, and that makes me sad. Keith is my hero. Counterculture nice guy, from everything I have ever heard or read.

Perhaps Richards might like to spare a thought for the 13 year old that was abused before he slaps an abuser on the back.


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