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Women-Owned Marijuana Edible company, Kikoko Mints Saved my Sanity

I don’t get anything from Kikoko, blah blah blah…I just thought that on this Tuesday where nothing will get done, I might as well spread some love. Kikoko make cannabis edibles, they are a women-owned company, and not only are their edibles made with the cleanest ingredients – they say gluten free and mean it, and nor are they full of sugar, but more importantly these products produce a lovely high.

I have tried the Calm and Buzz versions. Calm are microdosed at 2.5mg thc per mint. I generally eat four or so to get where I want to be, but one would provide a nice calming effect on a person not used to thc. Buzz are 5mg per mint, and had me giggling and smiling just like marijuana should! The only small gripe is that there is only one shop close by that sells Buzz. I would love to see their products more widely available in San Francisco.

Made with sungrown organic cannabis, filled with good stuff, that even if you don’t buy into the adaptogenic slightly Paltrow-influenced hype, certainly won’t do any harm, and none of the sugar-heavy candy ingredients usually found in edibles, the botanical mints not only taste nice, and as if they are made for grown-up taste buds, they are packaged very discreetly, even if I do struggle to get into my own drugs with those child proof locks that keep me out too. I give Kikoko almost all the credit for me being the paragon of sanity and reasonable behavior that I am.

Calm kept me floating on a cushion of “I frankly don’t give a damn, my dear” nicely through the ups and downs of life in the shelter since I decided to say to hell with it, I needed something otherwise I was going to have a stress-induced heart attack. Forget Xannies – and let’s not forget that for all the packaging and the clean non-sugary ingredients, cannabis is a drug, and one that does its job increasingly well in recent years – pop a Calm or four and let the stress float away. If it wasn’t for pot, things would be a lot more dangerous for me and my sobriety: rather California Sober than fentanyl casualty.

The high is remarkably lovely. It has plenty of fuzz to it, the buzz are a lot ‘clearer’, a little focused and fast – almost trippy, which I like immensely, rather than chilled out and relaxed. Horses for courses, and mints for good moods. Both varieties provide the best edible high I have had since that time I ate an entire tray of magic brownies in my early twenties and rolled around on the carpet for hours humming Just Like A Woman.

I sleep like a baby, can work without my fingers seizing up on me, playing the guitar doesn’t hurt nearly as much with them as without them, and the buffer between me and the rest of the unreasonable world is bolstered by Kikoko’s gorgeous sun grown organic cannabis. The microdosed mints allow for fun and functionality. If you want 7.5mg of THC, that is exactly what you can have. Kikoko understand the delicacy of dosing and the needs of day to day life. I added a little smoked haze strain to the calm and the two played off each other to get the light sparkling off the window panes and managed to even make the Tenderloin look more beautiful than it has any right to be. The Buzz also responded well. I would say for anyone new to the edible experience start low, and work up. They even do a kind which are 1mg of thc, called Focus. I haven’t tried these because I have a bit of a tolerance, but they would be ideal for someone who doesn’t want to get too high.

I would say, eat these on an empty stomach, don’t overload on food directly afterwards, for the best effect, otherwise the onset with all edibles is pretty slow. These actually come on quite quick, especially if you hold the chewed up mint under your tongue a while.

There is a lot of self-congratulatory hype around a lot of cannabis products, and these are the only edibles I would actually say to go out there and try if you are in the market for a little stoned time out. The Calm type also have CBD in the mix, which I think actually helps my early onset arthritis. I care about what I put into my body, and I would say the mints are actually a positive bonus nutrition wise, rather than sitting trying to work out how much sugar I have had and if I can afford to get stoned and not send my blood sugar levels to the moon and back. There is a certain charm to thc space candy, but for fragile old girls like me, I need to be more careful.

Did I mention they are women owned? Jen and Amanda both seem like total kick ass, socially aware fierce strong women, which is even more of a reason to try out their products. They co-founded Cynthia’s Sisters together, a charity that puts girls through law school in the Democratic Republic of Congo (the world’s most violent place for women, according to the UN), so not only do I get to feel good because their products work, the high is amazing and the ingredients perfectly balanced, but also because these are good women doing great things.

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