No Adult can Cope With A Total Invasion of Privacy

I am now not allowed to bolt my door. None of us are. I have had multiple occurrences of crazed people trying to get into my room and I am not allowed to defend myself from that.

This is untenable. The disrespect, the way I am spoken to, the infantalization. This is no way to treat adult human beings who are not on probation nor in a psych ward setting.

FUCK THIS SHIT. Seriously. Fuck this shit. Not allowed to eat, not allowed to cook, not allowed to protect myself, not allowed and opinion, continually demanded to put a drug into my body that I do not want, and that could cause serious side effects. Treated like trash. I am seriously considering a tent on the fucking SIDEWALK instead of this shit. I cannot do this. I seriously cannot do this any longer. I can’t.

This is no way to treat adult, no way to treat families who live here for in some cases years at a time.



    1. The Paltry Sum

      Ive just got to calm down, lovely. Easier said than done. She wants me to be subordinate and do as I am told. It is all well and good saying “ill tell my staff to beef up security checks” but with an unbolted door any crackhead motherfucker can get in here. Fuck that.

      1. The Paltry Sum

        Im trying, Cherie. Promise. She does know I can’t do anything, and I guess she really enjoyed talking to me like that. Oh well. Realistically I have to bite my tongue and allow myself to be treated like shit. It is almost funny. Almost. Thanks for being there and being a friend, Cherie. xxx

  1. learnwithtanya
    This link includes a phone number for legal advice re: renting in California. I know it might not be relevant at face value but is a starting point. Ask for advice and what services you can contact, what rights you have and what language/words to use when communicating.
    You have a child’s safety that you are responsible for as well as your own. I’d ask the lawyer helpline about the locked door. An individual’s personal safety is more important than in object such as a door. A bolt on a door demonstrates that it can and should lock for security purposes, that’s a lock’s function and the door has 1.
    I live in a different country to you so laws vary but I was able to take a landlord to tribunal because a window didn’t lock which made the property not up to code. Contacting legal services for what-is and how-to information helped me to navigate the situation.
    Also I’d be asking legal advice on the staff compromising your safely and your child’s. I’m not suggesting that you do the fllowing but for context just consider if you put a legal document before the individual/s that held them personally accountable for your safety up to 20 mlliion dollars for any sustained physical or psychological injury would they sign it? I doubt it because they cannot perform the same function as a lock on your door. A lock is always there and physically functions as a barrier of protection.

    1. The Paltry Sum

      The attitude is ‘if you don’t like it there is a tent for you on a street.’ Ive unlocked the door, and considering options. Doing my best. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it Tanya.

    1. The Paltry Sum

      The more you complain, the more you fight it, the more likely they are to not find you housing. Compliant and deferential, quiet and accepting of the bullying is the only way to survive in here.

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