The Linda Lindas: Oh!

Best pop bubblegum punk I have heard in years. The Linda Lindas are killing it! Blondie, eat your heart (of glass) out! These girls are amazing!

I will stop doing the worried mother act about nature of the music industry – these girls are pretty young, and the punk scene is, by definition, no playground for a ten year old – the age of the youngest Linda Linda. The oldest band member is only 16. They are going for the teenage dirtbag angle, more cute than edge, but these girls are no push over, Ramones minus the scuzz, Blondie minus the powdered nose. You know what, they can find enough to be angry about, enough to sing and shout and get that three power chord noise going for, without the malice and soul danger usually necessary for any punk outfit.

Teenage angst is still motive enough to make some good music. I hear a little of The Bags style drive in this new track, and whilst there is the definite nod to Blondie, melodic punk wins the day. This track is bottled sunshine and wholesome energy.

They really are very good, even if the record company has cleaned up some of that overt raw anger of Racist Sexist Boy. I hope they don’t clean ’em up too far. That said, I don’t want to see any of them turn into Rat Scabies or Johnny Rotten!

Reservations aside, they look like they are having a blast, and man, do they sound good!

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