The cherry on top of the shit cake

So…I was breaking out the thc, settling down for an evening in front of Jujutsu Kaisen, and peeling an orange, when a man called Frank decided to find one of my feminist posts and use it as an opening to try and talk about sex with me. He wanted to discuss the ‘tragedy of female sexual dysfunction’, dismissed me as ‘ranting’, and defended prostitution because…well Frankie clearly likes himself some prostitution. He smeared my blog with talk of ‘erect clitoruses’ and how lesbians are dissatisfied in bed, and this tragedy of female sexual dysfunction is ‘passed through generations of women.’ Presumably, generations who could have been cured by fucking Frank. The almighty dick coming to save the day.

I have no idea why these men think it is acceptable to force sexual discussions onto my blog, when I am clearly a survivor of sexual violence. I presume to get their tiny little rocks off.

Just so anyone visiting knows, not interested in your talk, and that doesn’t make me sexually dysfunctional, it makes me a woman with healthy boundaries, and even if I am, I’ve no desire to talk about sex with a stranger called Frank, who comes to my house and waves his penis around.


Fucking hell. Literally.


  1. cheriewhite

    Wow! 😮 I’m so sorry that happened to you. People like him do that because they think it’s cute but it’s not. It’s psycho. I hope you see no more of this troll.

  2. Time Traveler of Life

    Fortunately, his waving dick is virtual, so no need to snap it off! And it is your choice to read or not to read his sexual fantasies. If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be laughable. Maybe a good laugh is the ticket.

    1. The Paltry Sum

      Hello Americana Injustica! Cool name! Yeah…fucking pricks is about right. I would rather chew off my own hand than ever be romantically involved with a guy again. Feel free to swear as much as you like on my blog page btw! No need for @#$% if you don’t want to…Really enjoying your blog, I like a bit of fighting spirit!

      1. Americana Injustica

        Hello. I’m just sorry that people are such mutants that they feel obliged to badger total strangers in the blogosphere, especially here…that worm needs to be healthfully shamed out of this cyberhood, for starters…that’s not how we roll around here…I mean, get a hobby, right?

      2. The Paltry Sum

        I get it all the time because I write about surviving abuse, and I have made it clear I am a bisexual woman who is now exclusively lesbian. I have had everything from unwanted sexual attention to downright abuse. This guy unfortunately found me on the wrong day. I have no idea why he thought it acceptable. Thanks for the support, Ms Injustica….I dread to think what his hobbies are!

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