asperitas dark clouds in gloomy sky

Something Somewhere

There's something lost somewhere between the mountains and the sea,
Something in that space between you and me.
Something sold down the river
And my heart is in your quiver
And you are shooting those arrows right at me.
And I don't know
How I'm gonna make that river flow
When it's all stopped up with mud
And the fire, it's understood
Will burn down the forest around me.

There's something lost somewhere on that old 101
Something sitting blinded, staring into the sun
Something remembered bitter
And my heart is in your quiver
And you're shooting those arrows
Right at me.
...and I don't know
How I can make it better, or else go
When it's all covered with lies
And your thumb is in the pie
And you are pulling the Kingdom down
Around me.

There's something hidden somewhere in the burning of the sun
Something covered in leaves,
Something on the run.
And my heart is getting bigger
And those arrows in your quiver
Are missing their mark, and hitting me.
...and I don't know how I'm gonna stop this bloody flow,
When I am stuck full of holes, and the exit has a toll
Which will drain the life right outta me.

There's wild turkey feathers and buffalo hair clogging up your drain
There's bows and there are arrows, there is sadness and there is pain
There is a bottle on the bottom of a lake of wasted trips,
There is a ditch with your name on and the mortician thumbs the slips
That say that this was the day
That you didnt know how the river took you so far away 
And the silt and the sorrow, the ducks in the hollow
Carry right on flying past your door. 
Oh the way that river flows and the way it always goes:
The dirty dishes and broken hitches, the ditches and the snitches
That pulled the shades down on you & me. 


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