Beating porcupines and eating dilaudid: Punk of the Week

I have had a frustrating day. Finally got through to Billy, who is eating dilaudid. Eating. Dilaudid. It should be criminal. Shooting them is real ‘I am a golden goddess in a state of nirvana’ sublime. Eating them is like a really nice paracetamol. Now’s the time you use a needle, crackhead! Waste of drugs. He is an asshole. Only an asshole would show me his hydromorphone stash and let me salivate like pavlov’s dog. Meanie. It is like showing a sausage to a dog forced onto a vegan diet. Cruel. Just plain cruel. I might nominate him for punk of the week, except the bastard has competition from two porcupine beating cops.

brown animal on brown rock pathway

In Maine, which I always thought of as an enlightened place with pretty scenery and coastal towns, (ex, as of 20th of Sept 2020, due to the crime against our quilled friends) cops, Michael Rolerson and Addison Cox were sentenced to mostly suspended sentences for beating eleven porcupines to death while on duty.

Apparently, another officer saw video these two clowns took of the fatal porcupine beatings, and ratted on them. Proving you can never trust a cop on multiple levels – not to be decent, kind or even loyal to their own. There must be good ones out there, or so the mythos goes. ACAB, in my book. Rats and porcupine death beating bastards.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Both Cox and Rolerson pled guilty, and due to suspended sentencing, Rolerson will only serve 20 days out of his 270 day tariff, and Cox will only serve 10 out of his 90 day sentence. Apparently Rolerson was the superior officer and killed eight, to Cox’s three porcupines. Both officers claimed to have PTSD from serving in the armed forces and will receive help for their trauma, and thus got the easy end of the sentencing stick from the judge. Again, men in power protect their own, don’t they? When women are doing years in jail for protecting their own children, white men just wander around in a bubble of understanding, compassion and leniency. Smash the patriarchy, not porcupines.

Punks of the week, without a doubt. I hope their prison time goes as swimmingly as any cop’s time goes in the Big House, and that even if they didn’t get a faceful of quills, Tiny and the boyz inside make those pathetic little sentences for whatever misdemeanor they pled down to, feel like a lifetime.

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