gray blue yeti

Noise (C)

Down by the docks
Where memory stops
And the cold air covers my face,
I walk hand in hand
Held together by a band
Fashioned from leather and lace.

And what time doesn't heal
It takes away.
What time doesn't fade, it destroys...
Till its all noise.

The gypsy caravan is burnt out and the man
Holds his head in his hands as he laughs.
The smile washes from his face in a wave of disgrace
As they bring in the National Guard.
It's all just noise

Mr. Rogers and McCarthy were vain and foolhardy
But at least they knew the value of fear.
Now Lassie's on the hook 
For all that they took
And Timmy's left howling at the moon
In tears.

Timmy, what time doesn't heal
It takes away
What time doesn't fade, 
It destroys,
Till it's all just just noise.

Mona Lisa's highway smile
Has long since been defiled
Now she hides behind a bulletproof case.
Columbus's on the job,
But it takes all he's got
Not to throw the towel in her face.

Its all just noise

Somewhere far timbre is carved into a bar,
Singing someday I know I'll be free...
But little did he know what freedom would bring
When he spent it with me; or
What time doesn't heal
It takes away
What time doesn't fade, it destroys
Till it's all just noise

So I take a walk in the rain,
And it's a very hard rain
The truth is sometimes too hard to bear.
Summer is out, and the wild dogs shout -
Once unleashed for peace they really don't care:
Its all just noise.

Lilly Marlene tells you to stay off the train,
Guardsmen aren't always what they appear.
The boat's a trap and so is the lap
Of Santa Klaus and his rain, dear
Because what time doesn't heal
It takes away,
What time doesn't fade
It destroys,
Until it's all just noise.

Judy blue eyes was born 
In a house in a storm,
In a place where the rapids are grand,
She and her little dog
Do the tin man hop,
And escape with Alice to Wonderland.

The words on the floor
Opened the door,
But it took years before you could see me.
In your leopard skin cap -
Tales of your dead racoon cat,
Now we live in a forest by the sea.

But what time doesn't heal,
It takes away,
What time doesn't fade,
It destroys..
Till it's all just noise

I blame Mr. Dylan for all that is hidden
From the musketeers that parade round this place.
They march up and down
Making not a sound,
Lacking both in form and in grace....
And in noise.

The pleasure in each moment
The pain in each smile,
Is twisted together in a haze.
They tell you love hurts,
But they don't know what's worse
When you speak only to dumb and to fazed -
Its all just noise.

I take a walk in my mind
Past fields and through time
Back to a Tokyo view.
Where the children were young
Neath that rising sun
But life was empty without you.

What time doesn't heal
It takes away
And what time doesn't fade,
It destroys
Till its reduced to the Noise.

Gibberish cinema, mother farm, sushi bar
I hid my light under a fifty inch tv.
You reached through the screen,
Heard my silent scream
Now we are close but have come so far, dear.

Now I am scared that I'll be left to the 

Take a snapshot of my mind
At any given time,
And frame me for my crimes.
Ill take the Fall -
The short walk down the long haul,
And hang my head from the sign
That says:

What time doesn't heal
It takes away,
What time doesn't fade,
It destroys...
Till all you have left is the

I'm not so sweet
Now I've got boots on her feet,
And she's wearing Lou's leather vest.
Riding in a Ford Super Duty, Jim!
Complaining that the days gone by had the best

So have a heart, let me go back to the start
Let me try this again.
My hands are clean
But the machine is just mean and
The Angels forgot to play and they 
What time doesn't heal
It takes away,
What time doesn't fade
It destroys:
Till all you have left is


      1. David Redpath

        I just like to listen with my soul,
        Paltry. Then my spirit informs me
        if the music has the inner rage
        to speak to my soul 😎

        “Rage is at the heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

        ~ Bono

        (may I reblog your ‘Noise (c) πŸ™
        . . . tomorrow?)

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