Blacktop Blooze (Songs of the Road #2)

We're driving down the road again:
Last bath I had was in a bucket of tears..
Driving down the road again
1000 miles of black top and hot chord fears
I'm driving down the road again.

Strip malls, strip bars
Strip lights and railroad cars
Held together with strips of gum
And don't you think we'd better buy a gun?
Don't you think we need a gun!

High desert, low mood
Cups of coffee and stale fast food
Headlights on, eating dust:
Do what you do, and do what you must...
Hey you do what you do..and do what you must.

The signs on the road make me cross -
All they do is get ya lost.
Los Gatos round abouts,
Do the Rosa Parks twist and shout.
The signs on the road get ya lost...
All they do is make ya cross.

Six bucks a gallon on the 101
Cyclists tempting ya to hit and run,
Big Sur tourist trap
Want me to buy into that hippy crap?
Jack Kerouac is turning in his grace
Dean Moriarty has got it made...
Yeah Jack Kerouac is turning in his grave!

Walmart's an Oasis in the wilderness,
Middle America is in a mess - 
Life's disposable in a pinch:
Give 'em a yard they want your last inch,
Middle America's feeling the pinch:
Give 'em a yard, they will take yer last inch.

Underdog, underclass,
Shops selling smoking glass.
Everyone but me is getting high
You take your life in your hands
And that's no lie
Take your life in your hands
Try not to die.
...Oxys and overdose
Methamphetamine overload
No one can breathe 
When they are on the road

Speed Limit's in the driving seat
He ain't got a clue but he got some weed.
Driving past Hoople and Mott,
Playing for cheap thills that's all we got.

Six hours in you're begging for rain -
Watch that semi, mind that train!
Six hours in you're feeling the pain.

Alan Ginsburg's persona non grata
I'm re-writing the road's Magna Carta
My friends are mostly dead or in my head,
I can't complain: I made my own bed.

We're on the road again...
We are on the road again.
We are on the road

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