selective focus photo of deer

Song for David

You can have the sacred
I'll take the profane
I'll take San Francisco
You can have Jerusalem
I'll scrabble around in the gutter
You Rock against the Wall
We will both say our prayers before bedtime
And fret that no one
Hears them at all.

You can take Manhattan
And I'll flag on Jersey's shore
Your bags can be from Macey's
Mine are empty and looking for more.
I'll battle with the rum and sweat
You taste whiskey on your breath
We will both bless the bottles
Before drinking:
You can remember
I'll have to forget.

You can have Bukowski
Dirt and scum and jewels
I'll long for the twin deer
Running up my halls.
You have got the forever
Sitting in the palm of your hand
I have got the shakes
Dreaming of the Promised Land.
I will look around Sheol
So you don't have to go:
You can have the desert
While I am exiled in the snow.

Because when the ground does shake
And the axe it starts to fall
We are both but children
Crying about
The shame
In it all.


  1. Time Traveler of Life

    This is a little scary, I see and feel many things that I hope do not come true for you, but other I would like you to realize. I see a person that will be happy with the simple things in life. The best is yet to come.

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