Punk of The Week #3. Elitism And The American Dream

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After years of living around complete degenerates and delinquents – senile and of the younger variety, sliding around in the muck with pigs both human and of dubious provenance, renting out my body and soul of various uses in exchange for the ability to dabble in various vices of varying proportions of seriousness I feel I am well qualified to speak of the practice and art of general gutter-sniping. There is something which is lost when a person is too comfortable and detached from the reality that their machinations affect.

If a politician doesn’t know the price of a loaf of bread, or a can of soup how can they be expected to deal with poverty? How can they understand the effects of their policies if they are existing above the results of them? It is this rich ultraliberalism, an aloof moral contentment to dictate how things should be when wealth and status provides a buffer to dealing with the real world effects of those policies and actions, and ideas which have consequences for the people living in the gutter, which most concerns me. It is this “Hollywood Hipness” that lost Hilary Clinton the election, and that needs to be addressed because the poor are not voting for the hip, as it is the poor that suffers as a result.

If we are going to address a real and present danger of a swing back to the right, and the bad old days of The Don, running the country as if it was the fucking Cosa Nostra, and nobody really wants that, apart from a few stragglers in the back still grunting on about Q whilst committing random blood libel. In the spirit of helping to halt the slide, and rehabilitate the Socialist Agenda, I have a sad candidate for Punk of the Week.

I say sad, because you know what, I used to really dig AOC, I still do, but she is seeming further and further out of touch. I want to love her squad of strong leftist women and their dignified social agenda. I want to love them because I know that AOC cares about people in the USA who have nothing, who need support and acceptance. She seems to see the way forwards is through inclusion not separation, and you know what, that is the kind of talk I like to hear. It sounds like success. The trouble is the pandering to Hollywood Liberalism of the elites is turning me off cold. It is handmaidening to the extreme, it is kowtowing to those in power, and who knows, perhaps she really believes transwomen are women, and that women need to move over and lesbians accept dick in their beds, but AOC, girl, you are just too hip. I can’t hang with you. Still it is not AOC that gave me cause for concern. It was her friend, her protégé and would be Mayor of New York, Maya Wiley.

I don’t know about her gubernatorial run, but her hip elitist do as I say not as I do attitude has her in front running for Punk of The Week honors. I’ll be frank here, the Cops don’t make me feel safe. Like any other ex junkie I see ’em and I don’t trust ’em. Cops say things like “don’t worry your husband will go down for at least eight years” and then six months down the line he is on a first class flight calling you up while drinking champagne. Cops say things like “don’t worry we won’t say who called” then proceed to tell the crazy person you called a welfare check on, it was you. Cops are a danger all around. Rest in peace, Justine Damond, who called in to report a rape and was murdered by a cop for no fucking reason at all. Rest in peace Breonna Taylor, who was sleeping in her own damn bed when the cops got the wrong damn house and murdered her. Rest in Glory George Floyd and all the other men and boys murdered by cop on the streets. Cops are nervous. Cops are dangerous. They don’t do shit anyway, and the shit they do is often more dangerous to the victims and concerned citizens than the bad guys. No, I do not like cops. I don’t like cops in any fucking country. They all make me nervous. Don’t have drugs on you? That can be fixed. Ya do now! I am no fan of the police, the whole institution in the United States needs restructuring.

However, when you get rid of them, and there are no consequences to crimes, people do not police themselves, we do not live together in fluffy peace and happiness. No the predators and those on strong stimulants which make them violent, the criminally insane and the sane but evil all come out to play with no fear of consequences. As much as I don’t like the po-po I also do not like being chased down streets by violent men who should be behind bars. Repeat offenders are the norm – catch and release baby, then the big fish. Then you get situations like here in San Francisco where burglaries are up hugely, and people can’t sleep safe in their houses because of home invasions. You get car jackings, and street beatings. You get elderly Asian women stabbed in Upper Market, and young Asian girls punched in their face and robbed on the Bart. You get to live in an area like I live where you cannot walk outside without fear of the very actual possibility of being hurt. It is not safe.

Listen, I am a selfish woman myself, and I just can’t keep on running away. I can’t run three blocks, and these motherfuckers are making me run on a bad leg that hurts like heck. New York is in a similar mess to San Francisco. Washington Square is party central, violent crimes and robberies are up in exactly the same way. It is returning to the bad old days of the 1970s. Wiley wants to defund the police. All well and good….except she employs private security for her nice block in Brooklyn.

Let that sink in. She doesn’t want the poor to have security and safety, but because she and her family are rich, she PAYS for a private security force to patrol her area so that she and her family are safe. Punk. That is real punk behavior. It is this elitist liberalism that ends up being so the poor do not get safety and security, in fact fuck you if you can’t pay, let your streets go to hell…just as long as it ain’t this nice street in Brooklyn, or Russian Hill in SF, or Venice Beach in LA. The rich liberal elites want to defund, but they don’t have to give up anything when that happens. They are safe in their privately patrolled areas with a private police force that they are rich enough to employ, thus creating ghettos for the honest decent poor people who are just trying to leave their houses to go to work without being attacked or burgled or carjacked.

Wiley has called $1 billion cut to the NYPD’s budget when shootings are up more than 74% year to date in 2021 over 2020, according to the official statistics. Hate crimes are up 104%, murders are up by nearly 18%. Car thefts are up nearly 24%. And assaults are up 8%. This doesn’t affect Wiley. Wiley has private security which forces the problems out of her part of town. Wiley is buffered by her elitism and her wealth, but does not want the poor to have any recourse to the law at all. Even in the days of the wild west there was a sheriff in town keeping the peace. Eilte liberalism doesn’t want the poor to have even that. We are meant to fade away and fail to thrive, because who can thrive in total anarchy. People are not rising to the challenge and all of a sudden not committing crime, no the predators are emboldened and the weaker people not even safe in their own houses. This isn’t compassion, this is giving up whilst basking in the glory of knowing that moral superiority is easily purchased if you have the means. Safety for the rich, not for all. Justice for those who can pay for it, the rest of us are scrabbing around in the dirt wondering how we can protect ourselves when the Government takes taxes but does not provide the enforcement of the basic human right to live unmolested. The right to pursue happiness is the American Dream, and that is not meant to only be for the rich who can buy the space to be happy in while others they purchase patrol the streets ensuring their safety while they be happy. She said her husband was attacked and so she felt they needed it to be safe. Does she not think the rest of NYC deserves to feel safe on their streets and in their neighborhoods? Splendid isolation, indeed!

Not only this Wiley wants to end gifted and talented programs in Brookyln, labelling them discriminatory, despite the fact her older child benefitted from attending the Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented in Brooklyn that has extremely selective entry, and sending her younger child to a $50,000 private school. It is low down political posturing and extreme hypocrisy of the highest and most damaging order. The rich are free and safe to pursue the American dream, while the rest of us are left to rot, pushing that Sisyphean stone up the hill only to watch it roll back down again…and again…

It is this elite liberalism, not living the reality they are preaching and insisting on, buffered by money and power, that has turned me off politics entirely. I try to insist I don’t have a political bone in my body, yet the swap of politicism keeps on dragging me back down, and having the courage of my convictions does not come easy, because in my precarious position, I do not feel like I am able to legitimately have an opinion. Opinions scare me. I just want to live, but when The Man won’t let you live, you are forced into an opinion, like it or not. You are beaten to a pulp for being right, and smacked down for being wrong in this age of the new gladiator ring that is internet opinion hounds. Digital ridicule is the new stoning, and has probably killed more. You can run, but you can’t hide. Everyone wants to know where you stand. Where do you stand on the Don. On Biden. Are you left or right? I am somewhere to the left of Karl Marx and more politically homeless than I am physically homeless, and I am pretty chronically homeless. Apart from feeling like I am in some kinda semi biblical exile, I gain only a small amount of happiness from being right. Most of the time I would rather be wrong.

Maya Wiley in her tower of protection in Brooklyn might well deserve punk of the week, but she got pipped at the post by my favorite vice: making fun of egotistical sporting heroes. Mayweather gets the honors this week for that thrown fight with Logan Paul. Floyd is a legend. Shorter, older? It doesn’t matter, Floyd Mayweather is supremely fit, skillful and talented, he could have dismantled that little youtube boy in 30 seconds flat. Instead he held him up when he knocked Logan out, and kept things going for the people that paid to watch the exhibition. I guess they don’t call him ‘Money’ for nothing. No one wants to see a violent ballet, people paid to see a fair fight, not a thrown fantasy. Logan has always been a punk. A rich youtube-famous punk. Nothing new there.

Hey, what do I know…perhaps the real punk is me….trying to live my life out of a shelter, and desperate for a break from being chased up streets by men who want to beat me and my son up, for once in my life desperate to see a cop that might make the predator think again. Yeah…that suits me better. I’ll be the punk…can I just be a peaceful one?

Stay safe out there, because I’m pretty sure that there is not a single politician that gives a fuck whether most of us live or die: the 99 percent that are trying to survive week to week, and find a fragment of hope that there is still a slither of the American dream left for us and those we love. We need a hero, or at least someone with boots on the ground experience that actually cares, and we need it before things get any scarier for those of us who will never be able to afford private security.


      1. The Paltry Sum

        I don’t see the answer in any existing politician or organization as it currently stands – at least in a way that would be ideal for me. I had hopes for Bernie.

      2. Ms Anthrope

        Me too but the Bernie bros and brats ruined it. They collectively decided that they would throw the election for trump because it would “bring about a third party revolution”. All it did was create more chaos.

      3. The Paltry Sum

        Ah, this is the point where I am nervous to express opinions. I detest the Don, and so am not willing to entertain the idea that anything was ‘thrown’, and to be frank, even my paranoid mind cannot quite see how that would be accomplished. I was just happy to see him go. Fuck Donald Trump.

      4. Ms Anthrope

        No need to be nervous. 2015 I was on Bernie supporters forums on FB and the now defunct G+. When Hillary (whom I also dislike) was nominated, the groups split up because half the members made it very clear that they’d abstain from voting for Hillary because they believed that things would be so bad under Trump that there would be some huge cultural revolution. Unfortunately we just ended up with four years of fascism. I have hopes for Vice president Harris though.

      5. The Paltry Sum

        I want to like Harris, but she is failing to woo me to any extent – she doesn’t represent me, and seems a little too far to the right for my liking. They are all awful as far as I am concerned. Hilary would have been better than Trump, but it is all a game of choosing the least bad. Surely this huge beautiful country can offer better!

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