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Placemarking For Alien UFOs

I first noticed this when Obama brought up UFOs in the Late Late Show with James Corden. I thought it curious, and it felt a little like we were being primed for a release of information. A blogger here and there mentioned it, easy enough to dismiss as nothing, all well and good…That was until I read that Congress passed the $2.3 trillion omnibus appropriations bill in December, that required the Pentagon and the other usual suspects in such matters report on everything know about UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), which is the newly agreed upon term for UFOs. I suspect everyone is still calling them UFOs anywhere practical. It is this need for practicality and new less emotive terms which is disturbing me…well that and the ‘leaked’ (read released by official channels just not officially) videos of alarmingly pyramid shaped objects that move insanely fast on absolutely horizontal planes. They don’t move anything like anything that comes from Earth. Ok, so you could argue the Russians might have something, or the Chinese, but lets face it, they would be shoving such tech in our faces so hard out of sheer pride in their scientific genius that there is no way that such a massive project wouldn’t be widely known about.

This report from Today news takes care of all the more factual issues, and includes some really disturbing video of things that just don’t make sense.

No, people, my fellow humans, it looks as though 2021 got jealous of 2020 and may well want to throw a real A list alien movie at us with all the bells and tractor beams it can summon up. We might not be able to find a PS5 this year for love nor money, but who needs a PS5 when the real Dr. Spock is knocking on the door.

I know the commonly accepted thought process of very intelligent people like the late great Hawkins, comes to the conclusion that any alien that knocks on the door will be both hugely advanced of us and also ultimately and conclusively destructive, but for once I just can’t bring myself to concur on the side of pessimism. What if these are returning beings? What if these are the Angels and the Gods of ancient times? What if having left us to simmer in the soup of time for a while, they are coming back to check to see if the pot is boiling and check what we have been up to? Perhaps we have fucked up so monumentally that we are in line for some harsh lessons to be taught, or else gently guided into correction. Perhaps the aliens have done the math and worked out we are killing each other, ourselves and the planet and the grown ups have come back to check on what they children have been doing while they were out for the night.

I really don’t think it is necessarily going to be all bad. I do think people will lose their shit in a myriad of ways. We will have the alien worshippers (heck the aliens might well demand such tribute, yikes), and the human-race-supremacists. We will have those who think they are demons, and those who think they are Gods. We will simply have people who cannot cope with the reality of such an unreal happening, and end it all the second that the sky fills up with vast choirs of pyramid shaped ships.

My plan of action is not to go outside if at all possible. Barricade the door and windows and sit here rocking quietly, whilst hoping that Hawkins the super brain was quite quite wrong for once. After all math can only take you so far, and then we get into the more nebulous arts of compassion, mythology and gut feeling.

If the aliens rock up looking like Yoda, it won’t be so terrifying, but people, what if they look absolutely terrifying! What if humans can’t look at it without vomiting or screaming or going insane? What if they trigger trypophobia – that awful feeling you get when lots of little tiny holes are arranged closely together? What if our society totally breaks down? In that case the local crackheads will just lose what is left of their reptilian minds and things are going to get really dangerous. Actually, if that goes down and if the aliens are at all fluffy, beam me up Scotty. Take me to that ‘new home’ that Uncle Neil sings about in After the Goldrush. Can it really be any worse?

Seriously, I am so close to getting my own place, aliens can’t come down and fuck it all up! Not unless they have some very nice real estate on Sirius Prime that they are willing to let me homestead and grow soy beans and sweet potatoes.

What if we wake up and that it that – that life divides itself into pre and post alien? What if everything is about to change. Everything can change in a moment, I know that so very well, and when it does, it comes out of nowhere. It would make covid look like child’s play.

I know, it is so easy to laugh it off, so easy to say it will never happen, that it is a fantasy, an impossibility, but really, ask yourself, where did all the religions and mythologies come from, and is it so far fetched that it might all come around again? I really hope it is the Russians. Anything else might be just too much to handle!

Just place-marking for aliens. Lets hope we can look back and laugh at the time TPS got freaked out about ET possibly coming over for lunch. I would much much rather not be right about this one…but I’ve a sinking feeling, a real sinking feeling that we are in for some rough travelling.


  1. leendadll

    I’m not gonna worry about it. Or even give it more than these few min if my time. If they come to destroy us, I’ll step into the path. I have no interest in living in constant fear.

    trypophobia??? Never even occurred to be to be afraid of, or disgusted by, close holes!

      1. leendadll

        I have 0.0 yuck reaction to close holes. Out of curiosity I took an online image reaction test and there were some which would have made you vomit!!

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