It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…And I Feel Fine, REM!

As the aftershocks hit Tokyo from the Big One, I put on REM and laughed to myself. OK, so it wasn’t a big brave belly laugh, more a freaked out high pitched giggle, but I grabbed the kids hands and danced the around the shaking living room and we laughed and danced and sung. Pig was out burying his auntie who had fallen and died, sadly. She was a nice old dear, and she deserved a better send off than could be afforded to her in a disaster.

Now we have a deadly pandemic, killer vaccines, some Russians have shut down the gas pipeline cutting the fuel supply off to a large chunk of the country and raising gas prices – and that will affect everything. Food will go up, goods will increase in price. This is fucking war, people, and we are sliding into it like the proverbial boiling amphibian.

China is threatening Australia over ostensibly over Taiwan, but give way over Taiwan and Australia is next on the hit list.

France is threatening some kinda civil war – active soldiers wrote to Macron warning him of the danger. Mind you France doesn’t mind a bit of civil war occasionally. Really what people mean to say is they are fed up of the virus, of tensions within the country and have lost patience.

The peaceful past where we could go to cinemas and shopping malls, bars and shows seems like a distant echo of happiness.

To be frank, the world situation is so unstable, that I fear we are all in for a rough ride.

Which leads me to the next question – where do I want to ride out the end of the world as we know it? Realistically it is going to be where I am…though possibly not SF. It is ridiculously unsafe, a fucking warzone with raging gun battles and a DA with his finger up his ass and the other hand fiddling while his city literally burns in a dumpster fire. I think he actually detests this city. He certainly doesn’t care for the people who are poor and have to live with others trying to have an all out war around them.

You would never think you would hear me say this, but bring in the damn National Guard – gun crime up 181 percent? You have lost control, you dumbass motherfuckers, and you don’t even care. Meanwhile, I don’t think there is much more I can damn well take.

I throw Beck’s loser on the stereo, and laugh. I am going to be playing some music, that is what I am going to be doing, and if any of the crackhead CUNTS don’t fucking like it, they can kiss my photo of Sid and Nancy, and fucking get used to it.

I can’t get rest or hang out with my son. I have to pack. Then up early to change rooms, then people will want to put their ungloved gluteny hands on my stuff, and will insist and push and hassle and then want me to go to community meetings that I am bullied in, because, lets face it, I am not part of the community. My own damn community didn’t want me for fucks sake.

Im quiet and gentle – to a point. And here we are. This is the point.

So what now? I guess we will see, my friends..I guess we will see..I guess I’m just a loser,…


  1. nickreeves

    A bozo nightmare, indeed.

    ps. thanks for the redirect and the ensuing reconfirmation that Loser is better than the whole of REM’s career put together. Beck’s number should’ve been a one hit wonder and the end of it…

    I suppose, in some ways, it was. Know what I’m saying? x

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