Free birds and wild side walks in San Francisco

Image by The Paltry Sum

Yesterday there were reports of a duck with a broken leg in the middle of the road in San Francisco, and a turkey in Oakland causing mayhem by running amongst the traffic. Today four coyotes were spotted in the Presidio, running as a pack. The dog walkers had better watch out today! A man with “aggressive dogs” was threatening to pepper spray people in Mission and a boat sunk off Treasure Island. Two men armed with wood and machetes were scaring people in the ‘Loin at the corner of Turk and Mission. I won’t go down there any more, it is far too dangerous. Someone was attacked with a broom at Peet’s coffee in Berkeley. Not Peet’s, man! That is sacred!

A San Franciscan should be allowed to get his west coast coffee fix without being thwacked by a broom waiting for his flat latte. Various driveby-s into empty buildings and in parks, and twelve shots fired in Richmond. Car jackings, the ubiquitous Walgreen’s rip offs, hotel’s on fire down in Cow Hollow and freeways burning. Missing women (one later found, the other not, but not all men are like that…heh heh…) and hit and runs make me want to go to ground and never set foot outside again. But then again, are we safe in here, the ‘Loin encroaching and all this violence so near to the door and our window sill. Who knows! I hear on the scanner the cops are requesting back up…..two shots detected in Mission.

Anyone had enough yet? The sins of the city remain unforgiven. I just want to go outside without being flashed at or hassled, or some asshole who doesn’t think he is racist, because mister-hey-they-are-only-Asian decided he wants to hit my son, or threaten some old woman, which is not going to happen while I have a breath left in my body.

People have to go somewhere, they can’t just cease to exist, just all I am asking is if the street life would mind existing somewhat peacefully? I can barely think what with the stabbings and the dog attacks and the shots and the threats to take each other out. The rest of us are trying to think, or at least live. The trouble is, I think they do mind…We are all gonna get dragged down with them, like it…or not.

I don’t care what drugs other people do, just don’t beat and rape a woman outside my window, or preferably not at all, but that is an order which is a little bit tall for society as it stands. I can’t tell you how much I hate men who hurt women. My rage is a self-contained nuclear fire. I am one of the homeless, but me and mine don’t create shit and upset for those around us. Nor do most of the people I share a community with in the shelter. What’s the answer? Compassionate mental health care, a better drug addiction care approach, and letting people know it is not ok, that people care about the community and those around us, and we are not going to stand for this behavior. I guess they have the last word…or bullet.

The cops have given up entirely, I think.


      1. leendadll

        LOL… no worries. I think of them every time part of the Long Beach flock flies over my house.

        Curious about you situation: Are you able to leave your stuff at the shelter or do you have to take everything with you every day?

      2. The Paltry Sum

        We can leave the stuff there. We don’t have to be out at a certain time, or vacate after breakfast – it is a family shelter and we can treat it like our home, to a certain extent. For people with more stuff, free storage is provided off site. Our room (and us) are checked three times a day, every day. That is the imposition. We have to go to meetings, and participate in community stuff, but our room is private and comfortable.

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