Fillmore, flowers and broken English and broken Haiku. Walking with Basho.

Cherry blossom on Fillmore, SF. Image by The Paltry Sum
Fillmore in full bloom:
Gaudy pink pom poms fall ripe
Cruel wind plucks trees bare.

"Is this miso hot?'
She stumbles, I say "not yet."
Meaning falls broken.

I try Japanese
She tells me she's from Beijing
The miso still is cold. 

..but my face is red - 
There's the heat today!

Fillmore today.


      1. leendadll

        One of my last trips up there was for Folsom Street Fair… funny how many long lost friends I ran into!

        Very last trip was probably to see a Cirque du Soliel show.

      2. leendadll

        Thanks!! I had tix to see a show a week after covid closures happened. I know they were facing severe financial issues due to covid. I wonder what shows will return.

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