Ice Cream Hypersensitivity and the Corner of Girl and Chiva

Some actress is upset that a yoghurt shop sells sugar free, gluten free, low carb options. I am just glad that I have a hope of getting some ice cream that won’t kill me. I have celiac disease and have to watch my blood sugar as a result of the stomach damage. I can’t afford a doctor to keep an eye on me, so I have to do it myself, stabbing myself in the fingers that I use to play guitar and seeing if it is too low. Living in forests you don’t get much chance to eat gluten free muffins or ice cream, so coming to San Francisco and finding California has food I can eat without setting off my autoimmune disease was a thing of deep joy.

It should be a good thing that it’s possible to buy healthier options, if that healthier option being available triggers someone elses issues, then really, oh well, better steel your will, cause the rest of the damn world doesn’t want to be inconvenienced because of you. I don’t throw a temper tantrum every time some guy on the corner shouts “Boy! Girl! Chiva,” at me. I don’t demand he stops because boy oh boy does it make me twitchy. Instead I take responsibility for my own addictions and issues and do my very best not to inconvenience anyone else, or get in their business. I watch my macros – I have to, I got so malnourished as a result of celiac gone too far, that I have to eat sensibly, or else I am going to shuffle off this mortal coil while I am still needed. I want to know saturated fat content, transfat, carbs, and I need to know about gluten, or else cause myself real damage and hurt. Just because someone else is addicted to weight loss, doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t have that information. Like I don’t walk past the corner of Chiva and White-Girl, I suggest staying clear of yoghurt shops that sell health(ier) options. It is your responsibility to control your issues, not everyone else to pander to you.

This is a cold hard world, people are too busy dealing with their own life threatening ship-tossing horror shows to also take on every person that gets thrown into paroxysms of terror by a gluten free cookie. When did the world get oh so fucking toxically fragile!


  1. Spoon

    That was… Wow. That is like people who sadly do not fit into restaurant booths complaining for being discriminated against because they are too small. I’m sorry that sugar free options trigger you. But also idgaf? I don’t eat sugar and all I see is sugary shit everywhere. Do you see me crying about it? No? Sit the fuck down. Jeesh.

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