A Stoned Immaculate 420 Day Playlist

Fraternity of Man with the 1968 on the road Easy Rider classic teaching good manners to hippies everywhere: don’t hold onto that joint, puff puff pass, share and share alike. No one likes a pot hog!

Everybody gotta get stoned according to old ole Zimmy. 12 times 35 is 420, but apart from being written a little too early for that cultural reference, Dylan is denying all knowledge of such shennanigans. Personally I think this proves Dylan is a time traveler or at least an alien (joke, Zimmy, joke), but what do I know. I never went through his trash, hand on heart promise. He reckons it has something to do with the Bible. Don’t think so, Bobby…I’m onto ya!

Ever been too stoned to be out in public? Well this one’s for you. One toke over the line in a railway station, hoping that train comes so you can sink into yourself and huddle down with the paranoia or the munchies, the boys have you covered with this 1970 hit.

Joe Cocker in my beloved Filmore, belting out a classic definitive performance of a song originally put out by The Coasters in 1965. You could get stoned on these sleazy guitar riffs and Cocker’s passion if you don’t have any green to burn…not sure about that Angel dust, Joe….It’s all fun and games until Joe starts preaching about hitting the PSP! Yikes!

Who doesn’t like to see a live performance of this Workingman’s Dead song! I miss Jerry. Living the good life with the Dead….

Arlo Guthrie with Coming into Los Angeles with a couple of ki’s of weed. Please don’t check his bag, Mr. Custom’s man! Bunch of freaks!

Unkle Neil had just lost both Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry, and sounds like a man serenading the dead and is more than one toke over the line(s). Roll another number for the road, Neil…it all don’t matter anyhow.

Amy Winehouse never fails to bring a smile to my face with this ode to “the green man” and not letting your friend’s boy smoke all your weed. You tell ’em Amy, I gots mine…and you can go get yours!

Van the Man in a nostalgia trip, fishing, weed and moonshine, what else do you need!

I can’t smoke it anymore, but yeah, Pete Tosh got it right…Legalize it! Now if you could make it smokable again, I would really appreciate it@

I couldn’t leave out Snoop, the man who got Martha Stewart stoned immaculate. Someone had to, I guess….

Oh Willie! I would say something about returning to the Earth, all one with the universe or some such platitudes, but I would get get in the way of the party. Sure thing, Willie!


  1. nickreeves

    ps. re D. Whitten. Really fond of his styling; a kinda tightrope walk on electric wires, leaning forward, almost falling, but never falling. R.Wood strikes me similar – a great part of his playing (especially on film) is the way he seems to throw himself at a solo, just to see what sticks. Lovely.


      1. The Paltry Sum

        If you can find it, that whole Rockets album is pure gold. Hey…if the first one doesn’t get ya…the cup of coffee will! Glad I am good for something. Been shouted at too much today. I wouldn’t mind, but I ain’t in fucking jail….

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