Jun N’Eau part 8. Here be dragons!

Shintokyo was not particularly clean above ground, but below ground was positively disgusting. Jun hugged the wall of the sewer tunnel avoiding the river of sewage that was running fast down the center of the tunnel. Just why it had to be her Jim bot that had attracted the actual spirit of the Doors frontman, and not one of the newer or fancier models, she did not know. Things like this always happened to her! This reminded her of 2092, when she got involved in the counter protests during the dark days of the Resurgence just intending to be on the sidelines, but ending up second in command of the Earth Chapter: she went from average Long-Liver, to public enemy number 2, perhaps number 3, but at least she never felt quite safe on Earth again. It was ancient history now, of course, those early rumblings while Earth settled into getting used to their old Alien Overlords making the rounds back into Earth affairs. It was Jun’s 1032nd birthday, and whilst she only celebrated every fifty year interval now, she felt like she was owed cake, or at least a drink, and a pat on the back. “Well done, Jun, happy birthday Jun, good job Jun at staying alive and sane 1032 years.” She forgot she was speaking aloud, or else didn’t realize, when Jim, patted her on the shoulder, slightly too heavily. “Hey Jun-Jun, happy birthday, old girl!” Jim moved up next to her his expensively snakebooted feet splashing through the sewage without care. “1032? Are you really 1032 years old?” Jun nodded, wistfully. “A mere babe, a kid!” Jim moved his face into a grin. “We should get cake. Or whiskey.” “I don’t drink, Jim,” she replied softly. “Hey, watch out, there are…” But before she could say it a rat had made it’s way up the outside of Jimbot’s pant leg and was trying to gnaw on his knuckle. Jim batted it away in an explosion of rat brains and gore. Jun had forgotten Jim was so strong. The android body was a repurposed WarBot from the 2800’s, loaded up with a new skin and various musical and randomizer programs. Well, maybe she hadn’t forgotten, more like chosen to not remember.

The rules had been clear, after a bunch of WarBots went rogue on Jerusalem (exo-planet 1098, home of the neo-Viktorya Empire) all Warbots of this batch were to be destroyed. Something had gone awry in their randomizers and there appeared to have been a small concern of sentient ability to refuse orders given by humans. She was basically given Jimbot as a gift, and by the time a new processor had been installed, and his externals retro-fitted, he was a new android entirely. It was such a waste to just destroy such fine engineering.

Jun started to count her steps, another 25 and she had to make a hard left. It had been some years since she had been to visit Sebek-chan. A sharp left turn, and another 150 steps, if she had remembered rightly. “Er…Jim. Just so you don’t get scared. We are going to visit an old friend of mine, we go back a ways, he lives down here. Just don’t react, right. I mean he is not strictly humanoid, but hey, we are all used to that, now aren’t we!” Jun giggled nervously. People never reacted well to Sebek at first. Some ancient genetic memory told them to run, that the Grim Reaper himself was near, that their hearts might be weighed and found wanting, then would be thrown to her old buddy to devour, whole and beating. It was mostly propaganda, Sebek was as nice an Anubisan as she had ever met, and had a soft spot for humanoids, “yeah, a soft spot in his second stomach,” was the general joke made whenever she said this, but for what it was worth, she had never seen him eat a good guy, or gal. Not once.

A heavy sliding splash up ahead stopped Jun in her tracks. Jim stood there silently, wondering just what or who this old buddy was. His android eyes adjusted to the half light, as Jun unscrewed her mecha-eye, and pulled over an old black pirate eye patch where the socket lay bare and exposed.

“Show yourselves!” came the roar from the depths of the sewer-abyss.

“Sebek, it’s me, Junko Iris N’eau, I have my android/ghoul friend, Jim Douglas Morrison with me. Im in trouble, Sebek.”

From the gloom a dragon shaped creature raised itself from four legs to two, and metamorphosed from a pale greenish white 400 foot long dragon-crocodile, into a 12 foot tall man with the head of a croc, and a large glowing golden ankh in the center of his chest. “Darling!” he yelled, as he strode towards Jun, picking her up in his arms, twirling her around, and nuzzling her neck with his snout. “Things must be bad for you to come and visit me. Tell me everything!” Jim was about 100 foot the opposite way down the tunnel before they noticed. Sebek put Jun down and strode after him. “James Douglas Morrison, get yourself back here, you fool!” he boomed. “You cannot escape the judgement that easy, boy!” Plucking Jim off the wall, setting him down, and regarding him in his red glowing eyes, he sighed. “Mr. Morrison. This soul will live!” he declared. “Now we have got that over with, dear boy, you simply must come with me. There is clearly business to attend to.”

Jim dragged his feet, in a shocked emotionless silence, as Jun laughed. “You get ’em every time, Sebby,” she giggled, as Sebek pressed a level in the wall and opened a door out of the sewer into a large well lit cavern. Sitting there quietly was a young girl whose eyes glowed gold as she played with a small doll with a cat head and human body. “The Nephilim are back, old girl,” he said seriously, and pulled the door closed behind him.

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  1. R. Cross says:

    That was a cool, unexpected detour in my day! Looking forward to the next installment. And I found the list of previous entries, which I will read. Having walked into the theater late, I have a couple of questions that the back stories should answer (for example, the “Nephilim” sobriquet–a reference to height?).

      1. rebecca s revels says:

        I’m not sure if its still on Amazon or not, you could look I guess. The Legend of Dragon’s Doom, a Young Warriors Vow. If it isn’t there let me know and I’ll get the link to the self publishing site I used. I know its still there.

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