Rice cookers and miso paste

I put my supper on a while ago, but pressed the wrong button on the rice cooker and set it to too low a heat to cook. Consequently I am still waiting for my food. Celiac disease ruined my options, so today it is gluten free certified brown rice, some vegetables and a handful of tofu. I love okra, and was so happy to see it for sale so cheaply in the Nijiya Market in Japan town. I am not meant to have a rice cooker – we are meant to eat from the soup kitchen, but they do not understand celiac to the point of hurting me, and so I can’t. I can’t pick off croutons, I cant live on boiled eggs to the point of a clogged artery heart attack. I just can’t so I open the window and make my little rice cooker meals, then hide it under the bed. Shusssh! Don’t tell!

I have miso and little jizo leaves, tamari gluten free soy, and a little paprika. It tastes good and hot. There is ginger in the rice today, and a little garlic studding the mixture. I am no cook, but this tastes like health in a bowl. The baseball is on, Dodgers against the Rockies in the hitter friendly Mile High stadium. This game is a joy after yesterday’s almost perfect game. It is just your usual baseball game, with Turner hitting almost for a cycle – he just needs a triple. There is something to be said about these less flashy baseball feats. Hitting for the cycle (a single, double, triple and homer) is one of these. I am willing the woolly Turner on. He looks dogged, determined. I hope he gets it. Maybe he needs a bowl of tofu and spinach.

It is amazing how well you can eat so cheaply and with only a rice cooker and an electric kettle. I don’t eat meat or eggs, so my protein is cheap – tofu. The only step remaining is to find a gluten free plant based milk. I can’t find any that taste good, and almonds bring me out in a rash, and my tea is non negotiable. The world is unbearable without tea. It is amazing how much happiness a bowl of food and a baseball game can bring. Now, if Turner can get that triple today might not be so bad after all.

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    1. The Paltry Sum says:

      I can’t tolerate oats – one of those unfortunate celiacs. If I have oats it has to be in miniscule quantities. It would have to be soy. I cant tolerate nuts either – allergy. I wish I could manage oats! It is the only animal product left. I feel so much better!

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