Eazy Sleazy: Mick Jagger and Grohl

Mick Jagger is 77 years old and somehow miraculously sounds exactly as powerful, strong and tuneful as he did in the seventies. There is no hint at all of his voice deteriorating, no old-man quaver, not even a hint. Mick found the fountain of youth and I wish he would share the secret.

I am not going to pretend this is Street Fighting Man, or the second coming of Exile on Main Street, but for what it is – Mick generously allowing us to watch him blow off some steam about not being able to tour and the other accompanying strife of the pandemic lockdown age, having fun with the ole Grohl (who incidentally looks in worse shape than the lithe and nubile Mick), it is glorious! A kick around punk triumph, Jagger by way of the Clash, mister Mick Vicious in in his house and having a blast!

I have to say I feel a sense of joy at hearing his usual southern man drawl replaced with some British slang and twang – (poncey, anyone? Apparently means pretentious). He is letting his freak flag fly high with more energy than someone of 77 has any right to have! I didn’t realize how much I missed Mick until I saw him growl and gurn into the camera in the way only he can pull off without looking ridiculous.

Grohl’s standard Chuck Berryisms on the guitar fall a bit flat, he is no Keith Richards. There is a touch too much Slade in the rock n’ roll standard licks from the Dave, and lets move on quickly past his Charlie impression on drums, the real star of the show is Mick. The fact is that was always the case. Keith always seemed to be hiding behind Mick in the early days, in time he blossomed into the glorious Keefness of Keith, but Mick has always been the star, and that is just the way it is.

Watching Mick rant is far more enjoyable than watching most people cut loose, wryly poking fun at his activities while caged – the have another drink/clean the kitchen sink line was sheer brilliance. Who hasn’t been there in the last year? The fact that the lockdown reduced the mighty Mick to such activities is a great leveler, forges a sense of camaraderie. It would feel like the Blitz with fewer bombs, except we have all got a bit tired of it really. Trust Mick to bring the energy to the party.

Now seriously, Mick…what’s the secret?

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