Why Shelters need to be segregated by SEX

As I write this, there is a man the other side of the wall shouting, screaming, banging. My nerves are shredded, he has been up to this for days. There is a angry man having temper tantrums, furiously fucking whoever is in the room, so aggressively the wall against which my bed sits is being thumped for all it is worth, and I hate to brag for him, but its been hours. Crack is a heck of a fucking drug.

There are other women here, with their children too. Listening to this screaming, yelling, swearing, banging, screeching drugged out mess. There are other women listening to her crying, yelling and putting on a porn star worthy performance in-between arguments, and so are their children, not just mine, and it is NOT fair.

If you have a penis or are XY genetically and you are an adult, you need to be in a different facilty, or perhaps a different floor to those of us who are adult and have XX chromosomes. Our male children are just that, kids. No problem, but the men need to be separated away from the women.

Last night was hell. Today has been hell. Other women are complaining but are we listened to? Are we HECK.

You have traumatized women who need some peace – me included, and anyway no one wants to listen to this fight and fuck fest, especially me, who is right next to it, my wall being smashed against.

SINGLE SEX facilities need to be provided, safe spaces. This is not safe, this is not fair. There is something in the rules which says ‘no sex in rooms.’ Well that is clearly utter bullshit, isn’t it. See men do what the heck they want, and these women who don’t care for other women go along with it, laughing crying, fighting in some co dependent fuckery.

I’ve had enough. I wish someone would come up with a solution, I wish I could find a job that would allow me to get out of here and rent an apartment somewhere safer. I wish I could fix this tonight. I cant, and I really can’t take much more.


  1. Thomas Pickard

    You are right, these institutions need to have sex segregation. I’m sorry you are in tears! Big hugs, lots of love!

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