Old Lady Mojo Not Rising

A very nice young man called me “young lady”. It was ironic. I cried.

I mean I can see calling a 90 year old ancient one, “young lady” and it is cute. Awww…look you made her giggle.

But dude…dude. It hurt. I am decades off being eligible for that joke! Decades! Man do I look that bad?

What hurt more was I laughed like a drain. Not coyly, not embarrassed, not shy, I laughed because it was funny. He is young and kind and sweet. It’s adorable. It was meant so kindly.

I might stop crying next week.


    1. The Paltry Sum

      It is lovely, what a sweet young man…but…yeah…ouch! I decided I don’t care. Im going to be the oldest punk rocker in town. Hugs! You look lovely, I’ve seen your pics, decidedly not OLD!

      1. rebecca s revels

        Thank you, but at 63, while you’re right, not there yet, but according to some maybe..but I do accept the fact that I live in the south and southerners are taught or at least some are still, taught to be respectful. So I’ll take it with a smile. And yes, your lovely compliment, did make me smile.

      2. The Paltry Sum

        Funny you said that, the Nice Boy does have a southern accent! I am trying not to be too hurt. Young lady! I am not quite at the ancient aunt level yet! I’m glad I made you smile, and you look fabulous for 63, very graceful with a lovely smile.

      3. rebecca s revels

        I know. Back in the other life time when I was working, they hired a young man to do utility work. He was then and I know still is, one of the most polite people I have ever met. So respectful and kind. I had to bite my lip and smile at being called ma’am. I knew it was for two reasons, southern manners and the fact I was low on the ladder but still a type management. I did finally get him to start calling me by name. That created a few less ouches. And thank you so very much, my grandmother, may she rest well, was one of the most graceful ladies I know, to be called graceful is for me a wonderful compliment.

      4. The Paltry Sum

        Your attitude is graceful, Rebecca, it sounds like you inherited her grace. Ouchy yes…Ma’am. I hate it..but it is just respectful. I have reached the age of auntie. That being the case, crazy men need to stop trying to beat me up on the street while I am minding my own business! Reading about the 65 year old woman that got punched repeatedly in the head a few weeks back, I figure bad men never stop, do they. I am quite happy out here in San Francisco, it suits me, but I miss the general peace of rural desolate areas. It is a different kind of danger, a different type of nastiness towards the Boy. This is less grinding, but more immediately dangerous. There has to be a solution.

      5. rebecca s revels

        Yes, they do. Every time I see you write about yet another crazy encounter I cringe for you. There has to be a way to find a solution. I so dislike what our society has become, so hate and anger filled. So many people with so little care and respect that would attack the innocent just because they think they can. I have friends in various areas of California, they love it there. I hope one day to visit.

      6. The Paltry Sum

        I adore California, and I love this city. It is a treasure and it’s people are it’s jewels…but my gosh the city has lost it’s mind! I don’t know what I would do if they hurt my son. He is all I have left.

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