Naheed Bibi, Irshad Bibi, Ayesha Bibi and Javeria Bibi. Rest in Glory!

Say their names! These Pakistani women were murdered, February 22nd, near Mirali, Pakistan. They were targeted because they had been running vocational training courses for women in Eppi village, on behalf of an NGO. They were gunned down, slaughtered by Men who have taken the defense of the Patriarchy to its terroristic endgame. Capitulate, do not try and bring your sisters out of our control, or else be destroyed.

I had to hunt around to find their names – the usual big American media sources didn’t seem keen to give these women their names, not even in death. They deserve the highest honors.

These women are Feminist Martyrs. Heroines. They should have been able to live their lives supporting other women, without paying the ultimate price – a price which they must have known was a risk because of the area they were working in.

Imran Khan is going to need to do better than male enforced Purdah. This makes his words even more pathetic.

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