As far as I am concerned I want to forget that Trump exists.

Just a heads up FYI, this blog is my domain, my preserve, and this will be my last word on the matter: he doesn’t exist to me unless I am forced to see what he is up to. I won’t have his poison infiltrating my space. I won’t fight about it, I won’t discuss it – because this is my happy space, my space.

The fights that man caused! I lost my oldest dearest friend because he decided to support Don, and turned into a salivating racist piece of shit, yelping about the wall, and hunting down Mexican gang members, twitching about the possibility that this country could be ruled by a woman. It got to the point that his step son, who adored him for over half his life, had to tolerate “Hey I didn’t mean brown people like you, buddy…different ones,’ “I don’t mean illegals like you…you are different, Paltry!” No I am not. I am just as much at risk, and so is the Boy. More years of friendship and an attempt to be each other’s person, much love and respect all down the drain because Men support the pussy grabber in chief. No. Hell no. Not here. I like my blood pressure down, my politicians boring, and I am just about taking a breath of clean air and feeling safe, and no one, and I mean NO ONE is taking that away from me, not in my own house. Thank you

If any of you want to discuss him, it ain’t gonna be here and it ain’t gonna be with me. Capisce?

End of public service announcement.


  1. Thomas Pickard

    That was fantastic! I will not waste my time even thinking about him, except to say, I am glad he is no longer in office. Plus I am excited to see what Vice President Kamala Harris does in the next four years – This will be EPIC! Not to say that I am not excited for the President, but I was excited when he said Kamala was his running mate. Ok, I am done… for now. Keep smiling!

    1. The Paltry Sum

      What can I say about Biden! I am already disappointed. Adding to the wall, the behavior at the border, he is not Trump. That is all I can say, and that has to be good enough. They should have given us Bernie, except Bernie wasn’t as universally popular. The VP is a spectacular woman, and I hope to see her as President, sooner rather than later. It’s ok, Thomas! Be excited! We got a chance for a brighter future! One where people chose love not hate! I didn’t think we were going to make it for a moment!

      1. Thomas Pickard

        I was doubting it too. However, we have made it through – Now it is time for healing. Let Love rule the day!

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