Nice Guys and Tendie Lords: Venturing into the Manosphere

Friends, Romans, countrywomen and men, lend me your hands, for I have been venturing into the Manosphere with barely a VPN to protect me. It has entailed many cups of tea, and I have to say I am exhausted and not a little bit dismayed. Sound the Division Bell! Set off the flares! Call in the big guns! Friends, we have a problem…it’s ground control to the Spaceship XX. We are under attack.

Men are not just the ordinary mix of extraordinary and middling, safer and more dangerous, brilliant and dull that they have always been. Something must have gone very wrong in society (the internet and social media, nailed it. Its unfixable, the genie is out of the cyber bottle), because the Boyz have mutated. Not all of them. Some of them remain stubbornly lovely as always, but the stubbornly lovely are an endangered species, and we are all at risk.

Now we have different tribes forming. Tendie Lords: overweight perpetual children, exchanging good boy points of luscious transfat chicken tenders and mountain dew, throwing pee jugs at “Bitch Mommy” (a typical trope used in the esteemed annals of 4chan and reddit) and throwing around their considerable “healthy frames” until they force the only woman they will ever have in their lives – Mother – into giving them everything they wish. They do not work. They do not date. They don’t leave their rooms. The Japanese Hikkikomori (only tree in the forest, what Japanese call NEET shut ins) have mutated, and peeps, it ain’t good.

Bring in the Chaddie’s. Really…hold on…they are difficult to corral in all their alpha male glory. Behold! The Man has entered the room! It is the single white young male, with a dash of frat boy, and more than a hint of patriarchal meathead jerk, who considers himself God’s Gift to Women, and is the eternal enemy of the Tendie Lord and Incel Ian, his more dangerous cousin.

We can forget the boomers, they are only there for meme-age, and are just peering on wondering how to change the channel on the laptop.

Let me put on my best Princess outfit. I have to go in disguise…stealthy now, you don’t want to trip their defenses, or incur their wrath. The White Knights are afoot. The White Knights have a tactic. They love bomb the objects of their affections – namely anything which is female, they ain’t fussy, using a carpet bombing technique of courtly adoration. They have this twisted idea that their attempts to protect and save earns them pussy. There is a LOT of cape over puddle throwing and sad wondering about why their attempts are not rewarded with sex. They are distinguished from your usual decent human male by the expectation of a fuck in exchange for their behavior. It is more good boy pointism, but this time not aimed at mommy. If they are thwarted they don’t tend to get nasty, but they do get unreasonably moany.

Ok…over here we have the Simps. Careful, they are set off kinda easy. They fixate on a girl. Usually not an obtainable girl, quite often a porn actress or some chick with an only fans, and then struggle to give as much of themselves as possible – emotionally, financially and physically as they are allowed. These are the pay pigs and the sad boys who have given up on any pretense of self esteem or backbone. Don’t encourage ’em, it really isn’t fair.

I’m gonna have to insist you guys stay away from the bars as we enter max sec. It’s where we keep the incels. The Involuntary celibate. These seem to have been spawned by a mixture of 4chan and some unholy radioactive spew. They appear to partly see their salvation in what they see as the more submissive women of Asian cultures, but have a deep and twisted seam of hatred towards all women, because damnit, they are owed sex and they don’t get it. This dehumanization of women has led to more than a few mass murders by guys with incel manifestos. They appear to want compulsory prostitution, and the promise of a blow job a day as their human right. They are disgusting, and dangerous, and verily an army of misogynistic fury. My spy in the midst informs me that there are incels using Bundy – who used his attractiveness to lure women in order to kill them one after another, after another…as an example of a ‘nice guy pushed too far’ by women who refuse to put out. There is dangerous talk of redpilling, of blue-pilled feminists and blackpilled anarchists. And some wierdos who think that masturbating is the root of all evil and support each other through the struggle to not rub one out, whilst screaming no homo at each other when their interest in each others sex lives gets a little too intense.

All of these subcultures have the reoccurring refrain of “we are nice guys! Why don’t you let us use you!” “Nice Guys!” appears to be their battle cry and their epitaph as they are hauled off to a cell with their parents wondering why they have rubbed the pot-roast all over their chest and done the dirty with the bones of little Susie, al la the Excitable Boy of Warren Zevon’s 1978 hit. Except we appear to be stuck with “excitable boy” as a valid male subculture. Great.

The entitlement and anger is so strong with them it is dangerous. Incels need to be designated a hate group. These men see women as receptacles not humans, as servants, not equals. The battle cry of “we are nice guys” does nothing to hide the fact that women do not find them or their behavior nice at all, but then women’s wants and boundaries are never respected.

I have been given a lesson in the dark web, Ill report back from the hinterlands once I have worked out how to change the channel on this old damn laptop!


  1. Wyrd Smythe

    The internet has had the unfortunate effect of concentrating and amplifying the worst aspects of humanity. It’s tragically clear our species has a long way to go.

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