DeGrom Brilliance/Mets Can’t Hit/Love for the Polar Bear.

It is 2-0 in the bottom of the 6th, DeGrom is still throwing 100mph, he is throwing against Harper, a lot of sliders down and in, and has been the only batter to draw walks from DeGrom. DeGrom has a RBI with a single, thus providing half of his own run support. Harper strikes out. What a surprise! What a turkey!

I guess our questions about how DeGrom was going to pitch this season are answered: pretty fantastic. He is making Trevor Bauer, last years Cy Young award winner look like he just tries too hard. DeGrom if effortless, graceful and apparently has great stamina.

Looks like he is done after 6 innings. Castro is in the bullpen. He had a great spring training.

Come on Mets! You gotta provide DeGrom some run support! This is a one man effort right here! Alonso doesn’t look like he has that flash of brilliance of his rookie year. I hope I am wrong!

..7pm..It is now 2-1. Bryce hit by fucking pitch. Leading by a run provided by DeGrom.

7.05pm…2-2 scored on a single. Degrom deserves better than this. This isn’t even my team and I’m devastated.

7.05 and a half 4-2 lead to the Phillies. For crying out loud, Catcher misses throw to home plate, just utter bullshit. Find De Grom a new team. The Giants sounds good…

7.0 WHO THE FUCK CARES…5-2 lead. I can’t keep up with the scoring..

DeGrom a crazy amount of opening day shut outs, but never wins them because he gets no run support. Now if they lose, and it looks like they are, he gets an indecision!

7.23….It’s all over. Alonso out. He looks honestly devastated. I feel kinda sorry for him. Come on Pete you KNOW you can hit! Find your swagger my Polar Bear friend!

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