Orioles 10 Red Socks 0 in the 3rd!

I love baseball! For Ruth….and anyone else not in the US of A…The Orioles are the worst team in professional baseball, the least money spent on them, the worst recent times record. The Orioles are not just the underdog, they are the dog the underdog bites every damn game. I kinda like the Orioles. I don’t love them because I am not from Baltimore, but I always want them to win. I absolutely want them to win when they are playing the Red Sox! The mighty Red Socks are the other Yankees. A big team, huge payroll, World Series (cheaters) winners, long history. The Orioles are playing an opening day series against the Red Sox. They won the first two in a cruel getting up of hopes that this year might not suck for the Orioles. Today, they went all the way to getting fans hopes up: third inning, the Orioles are 10 runs to nothing, with 7 put up in the 3rd! This is outstanding! This is barely a baseball score, let alone a 3rd inning score. Not only are the plucky Orioles smashing the Red Sox, they are smashing them in their home park, Fenway, they are not smashing ’em over the Green Monster (the big green wall, Ruth, that makes it so hard to hit em out in Fenway), I don’t believe they have hit a homer this season! This is perfect small ball! It is glorious! It is hope! It is baseball!

I am still hoping to convert Ruthie from rugby to baseball. I only get vaguely offended when she calls it rounders.

Come on Orioles!

9 thoughts on “Orioles 10 Red Socks 0 in the 3rd!

  1. Ruth says:

    Rugby has thighs – thighs like tree-trunks. And nice young men who love their grannies and go round to see them every week after training. It’s a professional game now but still hangs on to its amateur past. And the Welsh national anthem belting out from the stands (or it will be once normality resumes. Sorry Paltry – even your eloquence is no match for that glorious reality.

    1. The Paltry Sum says:

      Thighs! Thighs! I will keep on my quiet campaign. You are usually so peaceful, sister dear! Baseball is in infinitely peaceful game! What if I sing the Welsh national anthem from the bleachers? How hard is it to learn Welsh?

    2. The Paltry Sum says:

      Plenty of sweet boys in baseball, Ruthie! Look up Anthony Rizzo – survived cancer, plays great baseball, and does a lot for charity…Or the sweet Mike Trout who definitely is a Nice Boy.

  2. Ruth says:

    I need them sweet, Welsh and huge! “Tall as the town clock tower, Samson syrup-gold-maned, whacking thighed and piping hot, thunderbolt-bass’d and barnacle-breasted” as Dylan Thomas put it!

    1. The Paltry Sum says:

      …I think you lost me….the Sox have only played against the Orioles this year so far…so both teams have only had three games – all against each other. There is no other possible result in the series – if the O’s won three, the R.Sox lost three…if you know what I mean…!

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