No excuse for Anti Asian Racism

There is no excuse for anti-Asian racism. If you are my friend, do not tell me not to let it get me down, even if you are doing it out of love for me. Don’t tell me that I shouldn’t feel threatened because my son is threatened. He is everything I have left in the world. Don’t tell me that they are cowards, or weak – because if that piece of shit had got his hands on us, he would have hurt us. Yeah, its cowardly hitting a 13 year old and a small woman, doesn’t mean it hurts less, or is less dangerous. Don’t try and comfort me.

I’m going to march the next time I see one is organized. I’m taking Boy, he needs to see the community are standing together and feel strength in numbers. People deserve to walk the streets of SF in peace and safety, without abuse or threats of violence, especially those targeted by race.

My heart is just about broken. You cant TELL ME to be ok. You can’t tell me that I can’t let the past control me. For fucks sake, I was half killed over twenty years. Of course I am shaken up beyond someone who hasn’t been on the receiving end of it for years. I know what a fist feels like when a grown man hits you.

My God. What have we become! I got chased for a block and a half, with my son. I was threatened with physical violence. He tried to put his hands on my and my child, racial slurs were used. Why is this ok because he looks Asian? Why! Even a member of the local school board had to be fired for calling Asian students, parents and kids House ____. What the fuck is wrong! I’ve totally had enough.

Ill see you guys tomorrow. I’m going to watch a movie and sit here and cry. I fucking hate this world. Beam me up scotty.

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      1. The Paltry Sum says:

        I can’t stop crying, lovely. It is a mess. I just want to walk down the street confidently. Im just looking up the legality of mace for self defense. Im too wimpy for a taser.

      2. The Paltry Sum says:

        Yes, I think Im going to look into options. I really just want people to leave us alone. We dont do anything. We just walk down the road to go from stores and laundry back home again. We don’t talk to people, don’t bother anyone. We are polite and quiet. Literally we were doing nothing at all.

      3. The Paltry Sum says:

        Kiddo seems ok. He was very shaken up to start with, but seems to be doing better. He has been through too much to have to put up with more. I am so upset for him. He is only a kid.

      4. The Paltry Sum says:

        Man am I getting some psychopathic abuse sent to my blog! Real hilarious woman hating bullshit from a pathetic little man. LOLZ. And they wonder why I am a lesbian!

      5. leendadll says:

        I was just looking up prices on AZ and some stun guns (the one my coworkers and I bought) are about the same as pepper spray… $10 ea.

        I bought my pepper spray as a 6pack. Had 1 at doors, with a spare in my room. I can only account for 2 of them right now.

      6. The Paltry Sum says:

        I think Id rather not get close enough to use a stun gun. There is a store not too far, we might just walk up there and Ill at least get two pepper sprays.

  1. fgsjr2015 says:

    Canadian and American citizens of East Asian heritage have been increasingly verbally and/or physically assaulted during the last year, the perpetrators perhaps under some delusion their targets are willful creators/spreaders of Covid-19. Many have no Chinese lineage, though their assailants seem to not care, maybe due to a hateful perception that they’re ‘all the same’. Overlooked is that there’s a good chance the assault victims came here to escape precisely that which we generally despise about some East Asian nation governances, including that of China.

    Meanwhile, not far from where I live, a non-white man wearing a red “Keep America Great” cap (with “45” on the side) called a nine-year-old girl wearing a hijab a “f—–g Muslim terrorist.” The girl’s father rightly confronted the man and repeatedly called him a racist. (One can imagine the shameful pleasure felt — and rampant media posts left — by white supremists upon learning the accused racist is not Caucasian.) As far as terrorism goes, the girl’s family is far more likely to be fleeing extremist violence abroad than planning to perpetrate it elsewhere.

    As a young boy I was bewildered by Black people being brutalized and told they were not welcome — while they were violently forced here from their African home as slaves! As a people, there’s been no real refuge here for them, since. In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, the narrator notes that, like the South, the Civil War era northern states also hated Black people but happened to hate slavery more.

    Too many people will always find an excuse to despise and abuse those who are superficially different.

      1. fgsjr2015 says:

        Thank you, and I’m glad you feel that way, too.

        I might also add, in regards to the anti-East-Asian hate, that if there’s any COVID-19 blame, it perhaps should be laid in large part with the travel-related industries, particularly the airlines. When the coronavirus crisis began, they were the most influential voice to have the ear of government, when it should have been solely the health sciences community. The result was resistance against an immediate halt in travel, including international flights—weeks of delay that may have translated into many additional and needless COVID-19 deaths.

      2. The Paltry Sum says:

        I blame it on ignorant racism. The virus is a virus, it has no blame, it is just nature doing its terrifying thing. Governments are not trustworthy and don’t have our best interests at heart.

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