For the Craic?

So, well that happened. We were going out to buy a few snacks and some bottled water, as we have no access to drinking water in here, and on the way home, hauling water and some apples, as we headed down the road towards where we live, a man in this thirties, clearly high as a kite on stimulants of some kind, paint and meth at a guess, started shouting at me and Boy. A few anti-Asian slurs towards the Kid, called me a bitch, said he was going to fuck me up and push me in the road, and then threatened to beat Boy up with a shoe he had in his hand. He put both hands out and threatened to push me into the road. He made moves to try and hit my son. We had to dodge him, dodge his attack and run like hell. Ill be clearer here, I am very shaken up, this was not name calling at a distance, this was an attempted PHYSICAL ATTACK.

People, this is not my first rodeo, I am FUCKING SICK OF MEN’S violence. STOP FUCKING HURTING US. I mean it, stop. Just fucking STOP. I don’t know this piece of shit. I have never seen him before. No eye contact made. Nothing said from me to him. Nothing. I was just going on my own damn way. I am buying mace. Fair warning, boys, you come at me, you try and hurt me or my child and I SWEAR I will spray you in the damn eyes. I will kick and bite and hit and punch and scratch your damn eyes out if you lay your fucking hands on me. I’m not just taking it any more. FAIR WARNING. I have never hurt a soul, I would never hurt a soul, but I swear I am going to start defending myself with everything I have. I have had enough. I refuse to be forced to live in fear of men.

Im out. I mean it. No man that I don’t want to talk to doesn’t get my attention. I am going full on female separatist. Call me names because my hair is short and I don’t care if you want to fuck me. Newsflash, I would rather die than fuck a man. I like some of you. Ron, Nick, some of the guys working at the shelter..and most of all my gorgeous lovely beautiful kind son. I am a good friend, but I swear, I am going to be a bad enemy. I deserve to not be scared, I deserve not being attacked. I have to insist, boys, I have to insist.

We had to run. He chased us. Let that sink in, this grown man in his thirties, chased a kid and a 100 pound, 5 foot tall woman. He chased us a block and a half, we ran across traffic and outran him. He chased us – running after us – yelling anti asian shit at my boy, and calling me a bitch. What on earth made him think that he had the right? What made him think that the piece of shit that he is was able to even talk to me? He didn’t ask for money – I have none anyway. We had no interaction, except his furious unprovoked attack.

Patriarchy. That is why.

Fair warning. I am furious. I ran from this shit. I had to run today, run on a permanent injury a man gave me.

I had to run and he chased me and the kid down, not wanting anything I had, except to cause me and a child that he deemed the wrong race for the USA, physical pain and threatening to injure us. He threatened to beat my son with a shoe. HOW DARE HE THREATEN MY SON. How dare he threaten me.

How fucking dare he.

Bear spray boys. You ain’t making me run again. Next time I fight back.

19 thoughts on “For the Craic?

  1. rebecca s revels says:

    I carry bear repellent. I’m so sorry this happened to you and he. NO, the guy had no right. And if it takes a while to get the bear repellent, hornet spray also works.

  2. leendadll says:

    I’d give you one of my new industrial stun guns if I could.
    What a sad world that makes it normal for women to arm ourselves against men. And now for being Asian? STUPID and PATHETIC
    I’m sorry for all the reasons.

      1. leendadll says:

        Will do!
        I had a smaller stun gun but after the physical fight with the homeless guy, who still frequents the hood, I upgraded. I’m not messing around!

        All the devices – pepper spray, stun gun, taser – have to be activated, which sucks… I realize it’s for safety but in an emergency it’s counterproductive!

      2. leendadll says:

        I’ve seen and yelled at him again. If he tries to hurt me again, I suspect a lifetime of rage will be unleashed. Well, I HOPE it is!

      3. leendadll says:

        Not at all… very wonderful experiences!!

        The one I didn’t know I had was at the big annual gay White Party Palm Springs… way back when only a few thousand peeps attended (vs 100,000+ in more recent times).

        I was inside the party, looked through the entrance and saw the elevator down to our floor… a non-stop flow of GORGEOUS gay men, as if they were descending from heaven!

        That era of my life – being a popular fag hag, from ages 25.5 to about 35, was amazing!!!

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